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Handicrafts with tree grates for Easter – exciting handicraft projects for young and old

Easter decoration ideas tinker with wood tree slices

Easter handicrafts are exciting and a lot of fun for both children and adults. That is why we are continuing with our articles on the topic of “Easter craft ideas” and inspire you today to do handicrafts with tree grates. The natural material is not difficult to find and gives your decoration a noble, natural touch. What you can make with this material for Easter, we show in the article with the help of some interesting handicraft projects.

Make coasters with tree slices for Easter

make colorful coasters with tree slices for easter easter eggs motif

The first craft project that we present is atmospheric coasters that you can create with the children. Tree discs with a diameter of approx. 10 cm are used and painted with colorful Easter egg patterns. You can find such tree grates for handicrafts in every well-stocked handicraft store.

Tinker coasters with tree grates ideas decoration easter

To make these coasters, you should first sketch an egg shape on the tree slice. Then simply paint on the desired motif with any acrylic paints and brushes and let it dry well. Finally, apply a layer of napkin glue on it, let it dry again and the coasters are ready for the Easter table.

Make cup coasters with tree slices easter easter egg painting

Instructions to paint a squat from a tree slab easter egg

handicrafts with children paint easter tree slice

Make easter eggs with children from tree slices of color

Tip: The children can paint tree slices with a beautiful, oval shape like colorful Easter eggs for the Easter tree.

Easter bunnies tinker with tree slices

tinker easter bunny with tree slices paint easter egg

The Easter bunny must of course not be missing as a motif when decorating for Easter and spring. Below are a few original ideas for a bunny made out of tree grates. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, we have a suitable craft project for everyone.

Craft idea easter easter bunny made of wood wooden discs

Easter bunnies tinker with tree slices natural material

Tinker rabbits with tree discs deco easter garden

cute easter bunnies tinker with tree slices decoration easter

cute bunny tinker with tree slices idea

little bunny made of tree slices, idea of ​​easter handicrafts

paint tree slice easter bunny decoration

tinker easter decoration with tree discs hanger easter tree

Craft ideas for cute wooden chicks

tinker with tree slices easter chick hanging decoration funny

If you paint a tree slice with yellow acrylic paint and decorate it with a beak and eyes, you will create a cute chick for your Easter decoration. The handicraft can be rounded off perfectly with feathers or yellow craft paper.

cute chicks tinker with tree slices kids craft idea

Make spring decorations on a tree slice

tinker easter spring tree slice decorate flowers butterflies

Instead of a door wreath, this year you can decorate the door with a nicely decorated tree disc. For this you need a disc with a slightly larger diameter – from 30 cm. Fresh or artificial flowers, butterflies, insects, etc. made of any material are suitable for decorating. There are no limits for your creativity!

Practical handicraft projects for adults: DIY egg plates and vases made from tree discs

tree slice egg plate tinker easter

These beautiful plates for eggs are a cool project for adults. To do this, you need a suitable tool with a hole saw to mill the holes for the eggs. If you want to conjure up a natural Easter decoration this year, you can consider this project. The beautifully decorated vase below offers another great idea for crafting with tree grates for Easter.

how can you make an egg plate out of tree slice

Tinker vase with tree slices easter spring

Table decoration

tinker with tree slices easter table decoration saucer

Tree grates are perfect as a decoration for the Easter table. Whether as a serving plate or a saucer, your table immediately gets a natural touch.

We wish you a nice Easter time!

decorate the easter table saucer tree slices