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Handicrafts with toddlers for the happy Easter – 23 ideas

B.asteln with small children is a great event and even more important when the happy Easter is just around the corner. Whether in the nursery, in kindergarten or at home, toddlers love painting flowers on windows, tinkering rabbits or bags out of cardboard, as well as little chicks, sticking beak, small eyes and down feathers and the fun continues for young and old. This article is about Easter activities for the little hands with instruction and help from the big hands.

Crafting with toddlers from cardboard

the-bunny-made-out-of-paper-plates is done

Cardboard handicrafts with toddlers is very popular and will also inspire children for this activity during this Easter festival. All you need is a few simple craft materials before the fun begins. First of all, the children need white paper plates and colored handicraft paper, scissors, glue, tucker and pens. The eyes of the rabbit are bought ready-made and this is how you start:

Handicrafts with small children – the Easter bunny made from paper plates


The Easter bunny made from paper plates is created at that hour at home or in kindergarten and delights parents and educators and gives special joy to the little person who made it. Handicrafts with toddlers continues his tour with other ideas.

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Glue up the rabbit’s eyes


Next up would be the whiskers and ears


Cut whiskers in pink and stick them on face


Colorful paper, colorful fabrics, colorful ideas for handicrafts with toddlers


The cute chick is also made out of cardboard

Chicken-toddler-toddler activities

Make chicks out of paper plates

Make chicks out of paper plates and yellow tissue paper

Bags for girls


The little girls love bags and also want to make some for Easter. The paper plates also prove useful for the colorful bags. As a handle, the dear parents or educators will simply take the cute hair bows and the cute ladies bag is ready.

Flowers on paper bags with hand imprints in the form of flowers


Ducks, rabbits, baskets, chicks – make great Easter things with your children


The happy wreath of rabbits and eggs

Paper rabbits with Easter eggs

Decorate the plastic basket with colorful strips of fabric





Make a basket-for-boys-rabbit


Small children tinker with baskets out of paper plates





Make a rabbit with a carrot

Handprint Children Easter


handicrafts with small children eggshell-faces-wiggle-eyes-cress-plants-easter

handicrafts with toddlers easter-idea-chicks-paper-plates-feathers-paper

handicrafts with small children easter wreath-idea-eggs-paper-colorful-cutting

tinker-with-small-children-easter-basket-idea-ice-cream sticks-pink-colored-plush wire

tinker-with-small-children-chicks-figure-easter-decoration-wiggle-eyes-cardboard box