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Handicrafts with pipe cleaners for Easter – 20 creative handicraft ideas for children

Handicrafts with pipe cleaners easter-colorful-easter-bunny-tinker-ideas-kids

Pipe cleaners, flexible plush or simply pipe cleaners are called a popular material for handicrafts that can be found at an affordable price. This makes it easy to make and decorate pretty animals and figures. In this article we have a lot of wonderful ideas about how to Tinkering with pipe cleaners collected at Easter, which are perfect for DIY projects with children for the most popular spring festival.

Make bunnies out of Easter eggs with pipe cleaners

Tinkering with pipe cleaners easter-easter-eggs-funny-decorate

The Easter bunny is without a doubt the most popular handicraft idea for Easter. With pipe cleaners you can make Easter bunnies in different sizes and colors with children and have a lot of fun together. The Easter eggs, for example, can be easily transformed into cute rabbits by painting a rabbit face on them and making rabbit ears out of flexible plush.

Do handicrafts with pipe cleaners and decorate Easter eggs fun

Tinkering with pipe cleaners easter-easter-eggs-decoration-crowns

If you want to decorate Easter eggs with pipe cleaner, you can either use boiled or blown eggs. The decision depends on whether you want to use these eggs exclusively as decoration or also to eat. Using a pipe cleaner, you can make the Easter eggs look like real kings and queens by making fun crowns.

Tinker mini crown with pipe cleaner

Tinkering with pipe cleaners easter-crown-tinkering-idea-easter egg

Since the pipe cleaner can be easily bent, all kinds of figures and accessories can be designed with it. From a single pipe cleaner you can make a mini crown for the Easter eggs and decorate them creatively. With some craft pearls as jewels, the tinkered crown gets a complete look.

Make decoration for lollipops with pipe cleaner

Tinkering with pipe cleaners easter-rabbit-lollipop-sponge rubber

As at every festival, various sweets are given to the children at Easter. Here we will show you how to turn simple lollipops into little Easter bunnies. White foam rubber can be used for the head and paws and you can make the rabbit ears yourself with pipe cleaner.

Make simple rabbit ears


The foam rubber rabbit paws are simply attached to the tip of the lollipop so that it can stand upright. Then circles are cut out of foam rubber in the appropriate size, designed as a face with a pen and glued to the stem of the lollipop. Now the simple rabbit ears can be tinkered with pipe cleaner. Tie a simple bow from it and fasten it right behind the head.

Make figures from pipe cleaners for Easter


When doing handicrafts with pipe cleaners, you can make different shapes and figures yourself and decorate them with other materials. For Easter handicrafts, you can make cute bunnies with carrots, yellow chicks and colorful butterflies with colorful pipe cleaners.

Easter bunny figures tinker with pipe cleaners


If you would like to make pretty animals and figures yourself for Easter, you can use pipe cleaners in different colors. A colorful Easter decoration can be conjured up quickly and easily, even with the children. Instructions for making simple Easter bunnies can be found below. For this project, you will need two pipe cleaners of the same color, a wooden bead, scissors, and a black pencil.

Tinker bunnies with pipe cleaner – instructions

tinker-with-pipe-cleaner-easter-plush-wooden-bead-easter bunny

First bend two loops from the pipe cleaner as rabbit ears and cut the rest directly underneath. Then fold the second pipe cleaner in half and attach it to the ears. Now thread the wooden bead and shape the body of the hare as shown. Finally, draw a face on the wooden bead and you’re done.

Decorate with figures made from pipe cleaner


Such simple Easter bunnies made from pipe cleaners are perfect as a decoration for the Easter baskets with colored eggs or the table at Easter. They can be designed in any color and the children can also play with them.

DIY ring with carrot


At Easter you can still make beautiful rings with the children with pipe cleaner. All you need is ring blanks and pipe cleaners in any color. With pipe cleaners in green and orange, you can design the rings as small carrots.

Mini carrot tinker with pipe cleaner – instructions


Use a pencil and wrap the orange pipe cleaner around to tinker the bottom part of the carrot. Then cut the green pipe cleaner into two equal lengths and fold in half. Finally, put the green in the carrot and attach the little handicraft to the ring blank with hot glue.

Make finger puppets with pipe cleaners


When tinkering with pipe cleaners, you can even make simple toys for the children yourself. At Easter, pretty finger puppets can be designed as rabbits and chicks, which are suitable for fun games. Make the heads of the finger puppets out of pompons in matching colors and decorate them with googly eyes and other materials of your choice. Then make simple spirals of pipe cleaner for the fingers and attach them to the animals with spray adhesive.

Pipe cleaners make dolls with children


Instead of making them for your fingers, you can also make cute dolls on a stick. For this you need popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, acrylic paints and paper. First make the face of the animals you want out of paper and then paint the popsicle sticks in the same color. Finally, tinker the body with pipe cleaners and the dolls are ready.

Easter bunny masks with children


Masks are always a great crafting idea, especially for kids. You love disguises and would certainly be happy about a rabbit mask for Easter. Simple templates can be printed out and colored in for this. However, to make the mask more playful, you can add a few elements yourself.

Make mask for Easter with pipe cleaners


The multifunctional pipe cleaners are perfect for the rabbit’s whiskers. Use three pipe cleaners on each of the two jaws of the mask and glue them to the lower part of the mask. Then stick a pompom or a cotton ball on it and the mask for the little one is ready.

Easy bunny mask tinker with pipe cleaners for Easter

tinker-with-pipe-cleaner-easter-mask-easter bunny-ice cream stick

Instead of printing them out of paper, you can simply make the mask with a stem. In combination with a headband with rabbit ears, your mask needs nothing more than whiskers and a matching nose.

Rabbit mask instructions


For this pipe cleaner crafting project, use a popsicle stick as a handle for the mask. Twist the pipe cleaners around the top of the popsicle stick and tie them so that they stand firmly. The whiskers are done. Now glue a pompom on it with the hot glue and let it dry. With the headband with rabbit ears and suitable clothing, the funny disguise as the Easter bunny is ready.

Make a napkin ring for Easter with a pipe cleaner


Would you like to make a creative table decoration for Easter yourself, then you can make funny napkin rings as Easter bunnies with pipe cleaners. Pick a color that matches the color of the napkins. Now wrap each folded napkin with a pipe cleaner and design two loops as rabbit ears. Finally decorate with googly eyes and repeat for the other napkins.

Make baskets with pipe cleaners

tinker-with-pipe-cleaner-easter-diy-easter basket-materials

You always need baskets at Easter to pack the colored Easter eggs or delicious sweets for the children. You can make the Easter baskets yourself from simple cups with a pattern and some pipe cleaners and then fill them as you like.

Make your own simple baskets for Easter


First, punch two holes opposite each other in the cups with punch pliers. The pipe cleaner is now inserted into these holes and attached to the cup in such a way that the handle for the basket is obtained. You can cover the finished Easter baskets with colored tissue paper and then fill them with Easter surprises for children.

Make original packaging for sugar eggs yourself


Children are always happy about creatively packaged sweets. At Easter, Easter bunnies are most often used as a motif for packaging, because they are the most popular symbol of the festival. You can easily make such a packaging for sugar eggs with tulle, styrofoam ball, pom-poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

Pipe cleaners for rabbit ears


Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make simple rabbit ears with pipe cleaners. They are attached to a syropor ball that serves as the head of the rabbit for packaging.

Design the rabbit head


When the bunny ears made of flexible plush are ready, you can decorate the bunny head further. Two googly eyes for the eyes and mini pompons for the nose and cheeks are perfect for this. The sugar eggs are then wrapped in tulle and the head is attached to it at the end.

Make a bouquet of flowers for Easter with a pipe cleaner


Pipe cleaners are colorful and perfect for handicrafts with children of beautiful flowers for Easter and spring. With several flowers you can create a whole bouquet with the little ones and use it to decorate the table for Easter.

Make simple flowers with pipe cleaners


With this idea for making flowers with pipe cleaners, styrofoam balls in different sizes are used. The wire in the pipe cleaners can easily be tucked into the styrofoam, so you don’t need glue for this project.

Design a flower vase with Pfeifenreniger flowers


Instead of styrofoam, you can again use pompoms for the center of the flowers. In this case, however, you will need a suitable glue, such as the hot glue gun. With the finished flowers from pipe cleaner you can create beautiful flower vases.

Arrange flowers from pipe cleaners in mini flower pots


Tiny clay pots can also be arranged with the pretty flowers. Tulips or thyme cut a fine figure as an Easter decoration and create a beautiful spring-like atmosphere. Transfer the outline of the opening of the clay pot to a piece of cardboard and cut the circle out a little smaller. Make a hole in the middle of the circle and put the cardboard in the pot. So the flower will stand straight and look almost like the real thing.

Decorate Easter eggs with colorful pipe cleaners


The Easter eggs can also be decorated with colorful pipe cleaners. Here, of course, decorative eggs made of plastic or styrofoam are meant for the Easter decorations. You can create interesting designs and make a unique decoration.

Instructions – making Easter eggs with pipe cleaners


You can use simple plastic eggs for making Easter eggs with pipe cleaners. In this case, a hot melt adhesive is used as the adhesive. See the pictures for simple instructions on how to make an Easter egg with a striped pattern and polka dots.

Funny bunnies for Easter do handicrafts with children


You can also turn the plastic eggs into funny Easter bunnies with the children. With pipe cleaner, you can make rabbit ears and paws. Tinkering with pipe cleaners at Easter is always fun and a popular leisure activity for the whole family.

Make colorful butterflies yourself


Any figures can be created in no time from the great handicraft material pipe cleaner. A suitable motif for the Easter decoration, for example, are the butterflies. You can bend the wings of the butterfly into the desired shape and twist them on the two halves of the pipe cleaner. You can make the little butterflies monochrome or colored.