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Handicrafts with eggshells: make pretty decorations

Handicrafts with eggshells mosaic-picture-butterfly

Eggs in all sizes and colors should not be missing from the Easter decorations. We have already shown you how to design Easter eggs with a marble look. The broken eggshells are glued onto styrofoam eggs and create a sophisticated mosaic. A beautiful result is achieved quickly and easily without great effort. But what else can you tinker with with broken eggshells? Today we are going to give you a few more ideas for crafting with eggshells. Read on and see for yourself how fascinating tinkering with eggshells can look.

Crafting with eggshells

tinker with eggshells broken-pieces-use

When doing handicrafts, you can use brown and white eggshells, depending on the effect you want to achieve. With boiled eggs, try to peel off the shell generously and pull the white skin off the shells. The eggshells are then broken into smaller pieces.

Get creative with handicrafts with eggshells

tinker with eggshells pattern-motifs-let-imagination-free-run

Handicrafts with eggshells cannot only take place at Easter. Today we are going to show you some decorations that can bring you joy all year round. Picture frames, flower pots, vases, empty bottles, jewelry boxes, serving trays – all are perfect as a base for the eggshells.

Dress up clay pots with broken eggshell pieces


Eggshell remains from colored or uncolored eggs can be used to decorate clay pots. The edge is painted with an opaque black paint. To start with, the clay pot must be clean, free of grease, dust and dry, otherwise the adhesive will not adhere properly.

Instructions for crafting with eggshell pieces

tinker-eggshell-clay pots-instructions-eggshell pieces-children

Make sure you have enough egg shells. It is best to work in small sections. The glue is first applied to the surface and the pieces of eggshell are glued over it. It is best to seal the whole thing with a clear varnish after drying.

Print out templates and hand them out to children


Eggshell mosaic is also an interesting craft idea for children. Choose a simple motif e.g. B. Select a flower or butterfly and press it out on a piece of white paper. Then the motif with the eggshell pieces is glued like a mosaic. With different colored eggshells you can also create the stripes of a rainbow.

Cracking eggshells is fun!


The child may press the eggshells onto the shells with their fingers so that they become small. This is a lot of fun for the children because it always cracks when you press it. The cracked eggshells are then spread over the picture.

Craft ideas for children

tinker-eggshell-children-easter-mosaic-chick-eggshell pieces

Children especially look forward to Easter handicrafts and decorations. That is why you need to prepare interesting craft ideas for them. Even when the holidays are over, things can go on. Recycling eggshell remains is just as fun as painting the Easter eggs!

Easter party for the little ones and their friends

do handicrafts-eggshells-children-easter-party-mosaics-do-it-yourself

If an Easter party is being organized for the little ones, get several templates for each child. Motifs such as Easter eggs, chicks and crosses go perfectly with Easter. Arrange the bowl with the prepared eggshells on the table and distribute the templates. Now every child can let their creativity run free.

Children create works of art 


Another option would be to use a colorful picture as the basis for the eggshell mosaic. The shells are finely chopped up and distributed on the picture. Then the pieces are painted with a brush and acrylic paints according to the motif.

Decorate a picture frame with colorful eggshells

tinker-eggshell-picture frame-easter-children-colorful-decoration

When the Easter brunch is over, all of the colored Easter egg shells can be used to spice up a picture frame. To avoid larger gaps, use a toothpick or wooden stick to push the eggshell pieces into the correct position. The bright colors immediately put you in a good mood!

Choosing shades of a color


If the previous idea is too colorful for your taste, you can limit yourself to a certain color palette. White, light blue, dark blue and black look fresh. White, rosé and mint add a romantic touch.

Handicrafts with eggshells – a maritime decoration idea for the terrace

tinker-eggshell-picture frame-blue-maritime-decoration-gift

Holiday pictures would look particularly good in this light blue picture frame with a mosaic look. Thanks to the simple monochrome design, the focus is also directed to the colored image.

Decorate a wooden tray with pieces of eggshell


A wooden tray is useful for serving tea, coffee or having breakfast in bed. On the tray you can not only transport many things at once, but also arrange pillar candles, natural materials and decorations of all kinds. As a decorative element, it looks simple and elegant, but can also be spiced up with white eggshells.

Instructions – paint the tray


First, the serving tray should be primed. Let the primer dry for a few hours. After the primer has dried, you can repaint your tray. Here a dark gold was chosen. It’s best to apply two coats of paint so that it covers nicely.

Assemble the egg mosaic

tinker-eggshell-pieces-wooden-tray-cover-the bottom

When the paint has dried, you can start with the broken eggshells. Apply the glue along the width of the tray on the floor, then position the bits on top of the glue. Repeat the process until your tray is completely covered.

Egg shell pieces on furniture?

tinker-eggshell-mosaic-dresser-fronts-spice up

The order of 54,000 yours might sound unusual to you, but for designer Eric Chapeau it is perfectly normal. He lives in the USA and designs furniture and objects whose surface is covered with broken eggshell pieces. The shell pieces are arranged on a sheet of paper, then coated with epoxy glue and pigment. After drying, this sheet is attached to the desired object, sanded and varnished. Would you have tried something like this yourself??

Ceramic jug decorated with pieces of brown eggshell


The country house style is more popular than ever. If you have designed your kitchen in a country house style, then a ceramic mug is a perfect decorative element. It is best to use natural brown and brown speckled eggshells.

give the jewelry box a mosaic look


Would you like to give your jewelry box a new look? Decide on a beautiful motif and colors that would suit your bedroom. A real eye-catcher on the dressing table!

Design motifs on the lid


Draw the motif with your free hand or use a template. Self-adhesive half-pearls and rhinestones in matching colors can beautifully complete the picture on the lid. This is how the design looks classy.

Eggshell mosaic in combination with the napkin technique

tinker-eggshell-decoration-cardboard box-lid-decoupage-hydrangea-motif

The eggshell mosaic in connection with the napkin technique creates a wonderful picture. As soon as the object has been glued with eggshells, a layer of glue should be applied. After it dries, a white primer is applied. Next, the napkin glue is applied to the whole object and the printed napkin is glued on.

Handicrafts with eggshells – tealight holder in Shabby Chic style


Anyone who is familiar with the decoupage technique knows that smaller motifs can also be used individually. In this example, first the pictures and then the eggshell pieces are glued.

Paint eggshells


Carefully cut or tear your desired motifs from the paper napkin and stick them on the tealight holder with napkin glue and a brush. The eggshell pieces are then glued around the motif. The artwork should be sealed at the end. Either with napkin glue or with acrylic varnish.

Decorative plate as a wall decoration


Decorative plates are a great decorative highlight for the home and can either be placed on the wall or on a stand. Eggshell mosaic was also combined with the napkin technique. A slightly antique look is achieved with a sponge and brown paint.

Combined with paper mosaic


You can also make great mosaics with colored paper. This technique has been combined with the eggshell mosaic for a very special look. Thanks to the composition and the colors used, the plate looks modern and classy.

Jewelry made from broken eggshell pieces

The eggshell mosaic is also used in jewelry design. DIY jewelry ideas make the hearts of many hobbyists beat faster and are easy to imitate. The painted eggshell pieces can be glued under a layer of epoxy resin, 3D glue or on a mold made of polymer clay.

two-tone design

When designing jewelry, eggshell pieces can be combined in different colors. The combination of silver and black looks very elegant. It should also be coordinated with the color of the background.

Handicrafts with eggshells – instructions for a necklace pendant


In the following we offer you simple instructions for necklace pendants with eggshell mosaic. The eggshell pieces are glued to a wooden disc, then the paint is applied with a stippling brush.

Apply glue for a three-dimensional effect


You can also use ready-made cabochon settings as the basis for your pendant. These are available in different sizes and already have an eyelet for the chain. In the case of other bases, it should be added later.

Chain pendants in different colors


A setting of 20 to 30 mm is ideal for a long necklace. A colorless, three-dimensional varnish should be applied to the eggshell pieces. It creates a three-dimensional effect and protects the color below.