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Handicrafts with CDs for Easter – 15 handicraft ideas perfect for spring

Chicks tinker with cds feathers handprints easter spring

Old becomes new or, in short, upcycling is an increasingly popular trend. Apparently useless objects can be turned into new things. Recycling handicrafts is also fun for children and offers many great ideas for every occasion. And since we are in the pre-Easter period, we have collected a few cool craft ideas for the popular festival in this post. The main material you need for this is old CDs or blank CDs. This can be used to create cute animals, beautiful flowers and insects that go perfectly with spring. Take a look at our ideas for crafting with CDs and try them out with the children.

What can you do with CDs in spring??

tinker with cds ideas for various occasions

You might be wondering why exactly CDs? Hardly anyone has used a CD since USB sticks, memory cards and clouds have been around. Nevertheless, many have more or less leftover blank CDs or unused CDs at home. But before you dispose of it, think about what else could result from it. Because the unnecessary CDs are wonderfully suitable for creative handicraft projects with children. A large selection of atmospheric upcycling ideas can be found below!

Make flowers with CDs

smiling flowers tinker with cd blanks spring decoration children

Flowers are one of the most popular spring motifs and are therefore a good idea for Easter handicrafts. Whether as decoration for the apartment or simply because it’s fun, you can make beautiful flowers with the children with CDs. These can then be hung up as wall decorations or transformed into cheerful suncatchers.

handicrafts with cds easter spring flowers handicrafts with kids

To turn the CD into a flower, you need other materials such as colored paper, cardboard or foam rubber. Cut out the individual petals from this and glue them to the CD. There are no limits for your creativity.

Make a colorful turtle from a CD

tinker with cds easter spring turtle craft idea

Children love things colorful, which is why this turtle is a great craft idea for spring. For handicrafts you need several colored buttons (different shapes are welcome), a liquid glue and green paper for the head, feet and tail. If you don’t have green paper, have the children paint white paper green.

turtle tinker with cds glue buttons colorful

The CD serves as the shell of the turtle in this project. First decorate this with the colorful buttons by fixing them with liquid glue. While the glue dries, cut out the other pieces of paper. Finally, glue them to the bottom of the CD and you’re done.

turtle tinker with cds head feet paper templates

instructions turtle tinker with cds spring

Chicks and rabbits tinker with CDs for Easter

Easter tinkering with cds rabbit chick making ideas easy

And what is Easter without the typical Easter motifs? Of course, the Easter bunny and a few chicks shouldn’t be missing. You can also just use the old CDs as a template to get a perfectly round shape. To make the tinkering harder, stick cardboard or foam rubber on the CD. Craft felt would work just as well.

chick tinker with cds easter spring idea toddlers

Easter bunny tinker with cds foam rubber upcycling with children

tinker with cds easter easter bunny tinkering ideas children

Tinker simple sheep

sheep tinker with cds tinkering idea children simply easter

This cute sheep is really easy to make and is a great CD crafting idea for Easter. For this project you also need black and white craft paper, scissors, a black felt pen, glue and googly eyes.

sheet of paper cd blank outline pencil

sheep tinker easter wool paint swirl felt pen

sheep tinker head feet construction paper black instructions

Cute insects tinker with CDs for Easter and spring

ladybug tinker with cds idea toddler tissue paper

Bees, ladybugs, caterpillars and butterflies are some of the most famous heralds of spring. You can quickly and easily turn the old CDs into such small insects. We have a few ideas ready for you.

Have fun recycling handicrafts with children!

tinker with cds spring motifs ladybugs

butterfly tinker with cds spring tinkering idea

caterpillar tinker with cd blanks spring kids tinkering ideas