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Handicrafts with cans for Easter – great handicraft projects for young and old

tinker with cans spring tin can vase paper flowers

Upcycling or recycling handicrafts are enjoying increasing popularity in Easter decorations. Whether old CDs, empty egg cartons or toilet rolls, useless objects turn into great decorations for the popular festival. All you need is a suitable idea. Today we’re going to show you what you can make out of tin cans. The projects for crafting with cans are perfect for Easter and spring and the children can also join in.

Make flower vases with cans

materials stick on tin cans, tissue paper, colored

Pretty flower vases and pots can be made from empty tins. You can decorate the boxes with paper or paint them with paint to match the rest of the decoration. For our first craft project you will need the following:

empty tin can

Tissue paper in any color

Napkin glue

Foam brush


Instructions tinker with tin can glue

First, remove the labels from the can. The tissue paper is a little transparent and cannot hide it completely. Then cut out a few strips of different colors of paper. For a colorful vase you need at least 3 colors that go well together. To decorate the tin can, brush it with the napkin glue and glue the paper strips, overlapping, piece by piece.

empty food cans decorate tissue paper instructions tinkering with cans

When the can is completely covered, let the glue dry well. Then all that remains is to fill the upcycling flower vase with flowers. For example, you can make beautiful paper flowers out of muffin cases and pipe cleaners and arrange them in the vase. There is certainly room for such a pretty handicraft on your windowsill.

DIY vase for spring flowers

beautiful flower vase tinker with cans easter spring

A second variant for a flower vase from an empty can is presented below. This handicraft idea is a nice decoration idea for Easter, as the Easter bunny is also hidden in the vase made of “grass”. If you want to bring some spring mood at home, this craft project is definitely the right place for you.

materials tinker with cans for easter spring

What you need:

a can

Pipe cleaners

green tissue paper

colorful scraps of fabric (cut into strips)

Fringe scissors

Double-sided tape

Packing tape


fresh spring flowers of your choice

tinker with cans of pipe cleaners instructions rabbit ears

Start with the bunny ears. For this you need two pipe cleaners, which you bring into shape by hand. Then tie a piece of fabric at the bottom of the pipe cleaner and wrap the rabbit ears completely with it. Cut out any protruding edges and fringes. Stick the rabbit ears in the can with adhesive tape so that they stick out a little.

instructions flower vase tinker tin can stick on paper

Now fold the green tissue paper in half. You’ll need a piece big enough to wrap the whole tin can. To recreate the grass effect, cut thin fringes along the folded edge with fringe scissors (or ordinary household scissors). Then wrap the can and tape the paper to the back with the tape. You can embellish the front with a decorative doily and a pretty bow made from the leftover fabric. Finally, fill the vase with water and insert fresh spring flowers.

Tinker rabbit flower pot with cans

tinker flower pot decorate with tins tin cans

If you would like to decorate your apartment for Easter and at the same time give the children great joy, then you can make these funny rabbit flower pots with cans. Various bulb flowers can be planted in it, creating a wonderful spring atmosphere in your home.

Materials and tools:

old tin can

Craft felt or foam rubber in white and pink

white spray paint

big googly eyes

large pompom in pink or white

Spring flowers in soil, e.g. B. daffodils or tulips

Hot glue, scissors, pen

Paint tin cans decorate easter bunnies

The procedure is not complicated at all. First spray the tin can with white paint and let it dry. In the meantime cut out rabbit ears, feet and nose to the appropriate size and glue the individual parts together. They each need two white ears with a pink inner part and two white paws with pink pads.

Easter bunny tinker from a tin can tinker idea children

When the paint is dry, glue the ears to the back and paws to the front of the can. Add the googly eyes over the paws, as well as a nose made of pompom or a piece of felt / foam rubber in pink. Finally, glue the large pompom to the back as a tail. All that remains is to transfer the flowers and some soil into the jar and the funny flower pot is ready for Easter.

Make funny Easter baskets with tins for children

upcycling tinkering with cans idea pen holder kids materials

Using the same method as for the flower vases, you can also make great Easter baskets or pen holders for Easter with cans. Cover the empty tin with white for a rabbit and yellow for a chick. Further decorate the can with a snout and fluffy tail, or with a beak and a few yellow feathers, to create the appropriate animal. If the handicraft is to serve as a basket for Easter eggs and sweets, make a handle made of pipe cleaner.

tinker with cans easter funny pen holder children

Make colorful baskets for the egg hunt from old cans

tinker with cans cans painting easter games

One of the funniest Easter games for kids is egg hunt. When the little ones find the hidden eggs, they usually need matching baskets to collect them. If you are looking for eggs in different colors during the game, they can be sorted into appropriately colored baskets as part of the game. A few empty tin cans can be used to make and decorate matching baskets super quickly and easily.

instruction hole for hanging tin can tin can drill

Use a drill or hole punch to make the holes for the handle and the easiest way to paint the cans is with spray or acrylic paint. It’s that simple!

tinker with cans tin cans paint color

tinker with cans painting and filling easter eggs

Easter bunnies tinker with cans in kindergarten

tinker with cans easter bunny baskets kindergarten

Beautiful Easter motifs can also be tinkered with cans in kindergarten. Let the children paint the tin cans and turn them into different animals for Easter. The fun is guaranteed!

Make decoration for the mantelpiece with tin cans

Easter decoration ideas tinker with cans of paper flowers

In the following you will find more ideas as inspiration for making Easter crafts with tins. Browse through the picture gallery and discover many great craft ideas for indoors and outdoors.

make easter decorations with cans of tips decorate the mantelpiece

beautiful flower vase lantern tinker with tin cans

Tinker flower garden plugs with tins for Easter and spring

colorful garden plugs tinker tin cans flowers

empty cans tinker ideas garden plug flowers

upcycling cans tinker easter spring garden plug flowers

Instructions for Bird Feeding Station for the Garden from Tin Cans

empty cans tinker feeding tube birds garden

tinkering with cans painting tin cans instructions