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Handicrafts in spring – ideas in neon colors to make yourself

Handicrafts spring table decoration yourself, lantern color new

Spring time is craft time! Now is the right time to prepare the house for the summer season and decorate it with homemade decorations. Because strong colors bring a good mood and create an inviting atmosphere. We’ll show you some inspiring ideas for handicrafts in spring – you can just add extra flair to the interior and create a cozy ambience with paper tape, paper, parcel string and neon spray paint. Delight your guests with imaginative homemade garlands, table runners and vases.

Handicrafts in spring – imaginative table decoration ideas for festive occasions

Handicrafts spring table decoration ideas neon green color table runner

Have you invited guests for dinner or are you organizing a family celebration and would like to decorate the table accordingly? Then experiment with neon colors – they can be perfectly combined with each other and create a happy atmosphere. Here are three quick craft ideas that are well suited even for beginners. And of course the children can help.

Handicrafts in spring – turn jam jars into vases

Crafts spring jam jars decorate ideas stylishly original

Do you have empty jam jars in the house – then you can use them for your first handicraft project. You also need the following materials – parcel string, glue, neon spray paint, scissors. And this is how the vase is made – wash the jam jars thoroughly and let them dry. Buy parcel cord in white and then dye it with neon spray. Wrap the string around the jam jars, glue the ends to the jam jar.

Handicrafts in spring – embellish the old vase with a paper garland

Make spring garland paper vase yourself

Another nice craft idea for spring is the paper garland. You can use this to wrap old vases and flower pots or simply scatter them on the table. You need the following materials – white paper, white parcel string, glue, neon spray paint. This is how the garland is made: first cut a small circle out of the paper. Use this circle as a template and cut out 40 other circles. Then use the spray paint to color the small paper circles and the string and let them dry. At the end, glue the circles to the string with glue.

Spring crafts – spice up plant pots, dishes and cutlery with accent colors

Crafts spring plant pots garland embellish yellow green

You can beautify old plant pots, crockery and cutlery with neon paint in no time. Clean the objects, stick them with paper tape, apply paint spray and let them dry. Our tip – white and neon green create an attractive ensemble on the table. The living room can be spiced up with orange and pink and purple are suitable for use outdoors / for example as an accent color for the old flower pots /.

Handicrafts in spring – skillfully put indoor plants in the limelight

Crafts spring neon paint ideas paint spray pink paint

More and more people are choosing succulents as indoor plants. The reason – they are easy to care for and grow quickly. So that the plant pot with succulents does not look boring, you can embellish it with accent colors / here in pink /. The pot itself is available from Ikea, for example. You can find similar designs at Make crazy things Find.

Old candle holders become eye-catchers

Handicrafts spring ideas to spice up old candle holder vases to color again

You don’t have to throw out old candlesticks. Instead, color with neon spray and arrange on the table with colored scented candles. Our tip – match the color of the napkins with the color of the candle holders. This is how a happy spring ensemble is made.

New look for the old furniture

Crafts spring table metal legs neon color yellow

Give your old furniture a new modern look. A small self-made coffee table is shown above. The table top made of reclaimed wood comes into its own thanks to the grass-green color of the table frame. This idea is not only applicable to old furniture – it can actually be used to transform practically any bookshelf into a real eye-catcher. Chests of drawers, bed headboards and bedside tables can also be highlighted in the interior with neon spray.

Old chest of drawers becomes an eye-catcher

Crafts spring neon color green spice up old dresser

This chest of drawers was first painted white and only then dyed with neon spray. Our tip – you have to check old furniture thoroughly before painting – sometimes cabinet doors or table legs need to be repaired. Then sand off the old paint / varnish thoroughly with sandpaper and only then apply the new paint.

Make beautiful Easter gifts yourself

Crafting spring crockery spice up paint spray neon

A loving and at the same time functional Easter gift – this cutlery set was bought cheaply and then simply decorated with color spray. A nice surprise for the parents, which they will definitely look forward to.

Tableware set in accent colors

Handicrafts spring table decoration ideas to color old dishes again

A stylish present for the first apartment together. This is how family life can begin! Our tip – so that the wooden bowl comes into its own, you can arrange it on a white tablecloth.

Sew or decorate the shopping bag yourself

Crafting spring tote bag yourself sewing neon paint ideas

Do you need a new shopping bag or garden bag? Buy a simple model or sew one yourself! at Own work you can find many different variants.

Make jewelry yourself from the remains of parcel cord

Handicraft spring necklace make yourself macrame ribbon

And those who work diligently will be rewarded themselves in the end – because the remnants of the package cord can be used to make beautiful jewelry in no time.

Necklace in neon colors – make jewelry yourself

Crafts spring jewelry macrame yourself make ideas





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