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Handicrafts for Easter – 21 ideas for Easter decorations for a children’s party

Handicrafts for Easter-garden-give-away-bags-moehren-bowl

Easter time – time for lots of fun and lots of laughter! Let our ideas for Handicrafts for Easter inspire and give your children a lot of joy!

Handicrafts for Easter make your festive table look beautiful and original

Egg cup-tinker-easter-decoration-DIY-do-it-yourself-tinker-muffin-cup-cup-bow

Handicrafts for Easter has always been of great importance to children. Organize an Easter party for the little ones and their friends. Then let them take part in the preparation. You will be amazed at how creative and resourceful children can be. First plan everything and think about what kind of materials you will need. Perhaps you already have the most important of them at home – scissors, glue, glossy paper, colored pens, templates. Get what you are still missing. Coloring eggs is of course an indispensable and pleasant task around Easter time.

Doing handicrafts at Easter together with children ensures the festive setting


Let our ideas for Handicrafts for Easter inspire and decorate the table for the Easter party according to children’s tastes. Choose these suggestions that reflect what your children want. Offer help if they get on something complicated. It is important that there are many colors and that the decoration brings the mood of the little friends right up. It’s time to celebrate. Everything on the table should make the kids smile. Symbolistic details such as rabbits, chickens and eggs should not be missing. The more color and glitter, the funnier and happier the party will be.


Handicrafts for Easter ice cream sundae, tissue paper, lollipops and straws

E.A particularly creative idea – a chandelier made from colored eggs

chandelier eggs create vase eggs bouquet elements

Decoration should bring the mood up

easter party spring mood bring up flowers decoration

Colored eggs offer many decoration ideas

easter time festival table shape center easter figures eye catcher

Let the children find their seats by themselves

Paper basket full of eggs preparing table for children

easter party children organize drawings paper plates

Make an interesting Easter bouquet yourself

handicrafts for easter children organize numerous ideas

Fill the Easter basket with colorful decorative eggs

easter rabbit collection eggs table original colorful

Stick funny labels on the bottles

bottles flowers paper cut glue party planning

Doing handicrafts for Easter is a lot of fun and joy for the whole family

do handicrafts for easter joy make fun yourself

Decoration in spring colors

table decoration green orange color select original imagination

table decorate colorful paints accent paint imagination

Easter tinker ideas children bunny coloring eggs

eggs pink blue yellow imaginative rabbits

children make their own easter bunnies sewing chicken scissors

cans of small eggs fill chicken wishes hang up

make carrots yourself ideas creativity write down names

coloring eggs garland yourself make original ideas

make your own easter wreath green yellow chicken rows of flowers next to each other

muffins paper use fresh spring colors details

tinker for easter colored eggs pink rabbit

tinker for easter original once pay attention to details possibilities