Easter & Spring

Flower decoration in spring – which spring bloomers to choose for home?

Flower decoration in spring ranunculus-lilac-hyacinth

The first bloomers are finally here! After the white winter time, we can treat ourselves to color and warmth again. The motley one Flower decoration in spring doesn’t let a bad mood arise. Here we have the flowers that can bring spring into your home. Whether grouped in vases or planted in pots, you will delight your eyes and heart with their beautiful flowers and wonderful scent.

Flower decoration in spring – what flowers?


Tulips are the classics among spring flowers. Just a few hours after placing them in a vase, the flowers open.

Choose beautiful flower decorations in spring

Flower decoration in spring white-anemone-spring branches

Because of their feminine shape and bold colors, they are pink and white Anemones a popular choice for spring wedding arrangements.



Cloves are one of the most popular spring flowers. They’re also one of the most durable cut flowers as they can stay fresh for up to two weeks.

white hydrangeas


Hydrangeas can instantly add a warm, fresh touch of spring to a room.


ranunculus glass vases window sill decoration spring

Ranunculus come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, orange and pink. Once cut, ranunculus will continue to bloom and can last up to a week in a vase.


pansy spring decoration table metal bowl

Pansy are small and delicate, but make a grandiose appearance in the spring decoration.

bluer Hyacinth

hyacinth flower decoration in spring purple moss pot

Hyacinths bloom in the wild or in pots from March to April. The great colors put you in a wonderfully good mood. In addition, almost all hyacinth varieties smell breathtaking.

Carnations in porcelain vases  carnations flowers deco spring pink table porcelain dishes

Ornamental onion and bellis

flowers decoration spring home ornamental onion bellis

Snowballs, roses and lilacs

flowers decoration spring home snowball lilac roses

Daffodils and yellow tulips

Flower decoration in spring at home yellow tulips daffodil

Tulips, ranunculus and grape hyacinth

flower decoration spring bouquet ranunculus grape hyacinths

pink ranunculushahnenfuss strauss flowers deco spring  flowers decoration spring home white ranunculus glass vase

flowers decoration spring home vase tulips balcony terrace

Flower decoration in spring home vases snowball lilac

flowers decoration spring touch home tulips pearl hyacinths

flowers decoration spring home bedroom tulips hyacinths

flowers spring vintage teapot grape hyacinth moss

Spring flower decoration kitchen sink yellow tulips

flowers decoration spring flower arrangement daffodil glass vase

Flower decoration in spring at home hydrangea iris hyacinth

Flower decoration in spring living room table white tulips

anemones white pink bouquet vase spring

Flower decoration in spring at home cloves bellis green

flowers decoration spring arrangement branches hydrangeas glass vases