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Five cool handicraft instructions for Easter – coloring Easter eggs

Handicraft instructions for easter sheet-imprint-easter-eggs-color-ribbons

Easter is approaching- prepare yourself for the family celebration with interesting and original ones Handicraft instructions for Easter – We have collected cool ideas for you on how to color and decorate Easter eggs. They are a refreshing alternative to the traditional Easter eggs and the end result is sure to delight your family and friends.

Handicraft instructions for Easter – Easter eggs with fingerprints

Crafting instructions for easter watercolor paint-dot-pattern-finger-prints-colorful

Handicraft instructions for Easter – Design the Easter eggs with watercolors. Your children can create the dot pattern with their fingers. An alternative to this are brushes, depending on the shapes you want to get. In this way you can set accents or design the whole eggs.

Handicraft instructions for Easter – design Easter bunnies

Crafting instructions for easter stickers-easter bunny-eggs-design-splash

Stick a rabbit or other sticker with an Easter motif on the egg. Next you have two options, depending on how much time you want to invest in this decoration idea. Take a toothbrush and dip it in paint. Then rub your finger over the bristles and add splashes of paint to the egg. This is the faster option. If you want to determine the pattern of the splashes yourself, you can also use a very thin brush and paint the dots on the Easter egg yourself. Further handicraft instructions for Easter will follow:

Mask the Easter eggs with electrical tape


You can also get pretty patterns by taping the eggs with electrical tape. For this reason, this idea definitely has a place in our list of handicraft instructions for Easter. See above how you can combine three colors. It is best to always start with the lightest color and note that some color combinations result in a different color.

Tinker with paper for Easter


Handicraft instructions for Easter – With paper you can make great Easter figures in which you can integrate the Easter egg. Here is an example of a rabbit with the Easter egg forming the head. The body can be made from a toilet roll.

Sweet Easter eggs for the kids

Painting Easter eggs - interesting Easter decoration

These sweet ones Handicraft instructions for Easter are simply fascinating – and your children will surely be delighted. Boil the eggs. Buy special food coloring and color the Easter eggs. Glue on a beak cut from cardboard. To make the design look more fun, you can opt for different animals – sometimes Easter bunny, sometimes chickens and then arrange them on the table.

Modern Easter Eggs Designs

Coloring Easter eggs craft ideas

These fun patterns with overlapping circular motifs are very easy to recreate. To achieve the same effect, you will need a sponge or cotton swab. Make several small circular shapes out of this and use them as an applicator. Let each color wheel dry out completely before applying the next color. Further Handicraft instructions for Easter can be found below

Craft ideas for Easter – marbling Easter eggs

 Marble Easter eggs - quick tutorial

These impressive Handicraft instructions for Easter Easter eggs are surprisingly easy to make. You will need – boiled eggs, vinegar, vegetable or food colors, and olive oil. Place the boiled eggs in a warm vinegar bath consisting of 50% water and 50% vinegar for 20 minutes, then rinse them well. Then color the eggs in a basic color and let them dry out. Put the eggs in an olive oil bath / 2 tablespoons /. Roll the eggs in the olive oil to create the marble effect.

Another foolproof idea how you can color your Easter eggs – cut out different motifs out of duct tape and stick on the boiled eggs. Color the Easter eggs and let them dry out. Remove the tape.

Golden and silver Easter eggs

Coloring golden easter eggs, tinker with natural plant paint

A luxurious decoration with a metal finish – here we present you several extraordinary golden and silver Easter egg designs. For this craft idea you need water-based metallic paint and a small, soft brush. You can find all the materials in a craft shop. As a precaution, you should not eat these eggs. Ask in the shop whether and how you can protect yourself and your children when dyeing.

Paint beautiful colorful Easter eggs

painted Easter eggs - interesting craft ideas colors

Bright and strong colors create a happy mood. Play with colors and designs – you can paint colorful motifs and patterns with acrylic varnish and a fine brush. Let your creativity run free and create your own design. For the best effect, the chicken eggs should be white.

We will present even more colorful and funny ideas for decorations with Easter eggs in the next articles.

Craft ideas – coloring glittering Easter eggs

golden eggs coloring spring decoration

Two-tone Easter eggs

golden easter eggs-pink gold

Colored eggs and pattern drawn in chalk

Easter eggs creative craft ideas

Sweet colored eggs

Paint the Easter egg nest decoration idea yourself

Tricolor designs

interesting pattern easter eggs decoration idea

Blue and white colored eggs

two-tone craft ideas for Easter

Nature motifs

Easter eggs with floral designs

Nice decoration idea for Easter

Easter eggs nature colors pattern

Craft idea Easter Easter eggs