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Engraving Easter eggs – great ideas for filigree Easter eggs with a hole pattern

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Would you like to make a creative decoration for Easter yourself, then you can decorate the Easter eggs differently this year. Blown eggs can be perforated with a popular hole pattern and a special Easter decoration is made with them. How can you do the Engrave Easter eggs, which tools are suitable for this and many pretty decoration ideas can be found in the article.

Engrave Easter eggs and make a creative decoration yourself

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The brightly colored eggs look really nice, but are eaten quickly and are rather unsuitable as decoration. However, if a few eggs are blown out, then a wonderful Easter decoration can be conjured up. Perforated Easter eggs are light and are perfect for pretty Easter egg baskets as well as creative hanging decorations for the window.

Engraving Easter eggs – a tradition in different countries

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Perforated eggs have a long tradition in folk art. This technique for decorating Easter eggs is particularly popular in countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Engraved Easter eggs can also be beautifully decorated and are perfect as part of an Easter bouquet.

Carve eggs of different colors

Engraving Easter eggs, perforating chicken-eggs-color-hole-pattern

For engraving, you can use eggs of different colors and shapes. With white eggs you have the greatest freedom of design with regard to the design after engraving. Brown eggs, on the other hand, look much more natural and in most cases don’t need any further decoration.

Which eggs to use for engraving

If you want to engrave Easter eggs, you can use both chicken eggs and goose eggs. However, the chicken eggs are much more sensitive and can be broken when engraving the hole pattern. This is why we recommend using the larger goose eggs because they are much more stable and easier to work with.

Easter eggs engrave with a complicated pattern


With a little dexterity and a lot of practice, the Easter eggs can also be perforated with complicated hole patterns. The difficult patterns consist of several small holes and form an entire composition. For beginners, however, we recommend simpler patterns and motifs. You will find suitable ideas below.

Easter eggs perforate with a simple hole pattern


A simple idea for beginners is hole patterns with larger holes that are arranged vertically, horizontally, or in a circle. So that the eggs do not just look like holes, the holes should be decorated appropriately after carving, for example with flowers or other floral patterns.

 Before engraving – blow out eggs


So that the eggs are ready to be perforated, you should blow them out in the first step. For this you need a bowl, a large needle and, if desired, a drinking straw or a disposable syringe. The needle is used to make two holes at each tip of the egg. Then you should blow out the contents either with your mouth or with a syringe or drinking straw. Caution: be sure to wash the eggs with warm water and washing-up liquid before blowing them out!

Record pattern


If the eggs are empty, they are cleaned in a bowl of water and left to dry. Your next task is to select the pattern and draw it on the eggshell with a soft pencil. You can also make small marks where the holes should be made.

How to engrave Easter eggs


In order to mill pretty patterns on the Easter eggs, you need a suitable tool. The best way to do this is to use a multi-function tool with a flexible shaft, a drill chuck, a precision drill set and a diamond-tipped milling cutter. You should use a good tool for precise work and good results.

Make perforated Easter eggs yourself – instructions


In the first step, the small holes are carefully drilled in the egg shell. You can do this with the multi-tool’s flexible shaft and diamond-tipped cutter. Small holes are the easiest to mill into the egg and create a beautiful filigree pattern.

Engrave Easter eggs and drill fine lines


When the coarse holes are finished, they can be refined with a fine drill. Use the precision drill with a maximum diameter of one millimeter for the holes already drilled in the egg shell.

Video tutorial: engrave Easter eggs

Wash perforated Easter eggs and finally decorate them

easter-eggs-engrave-decorate-ribbon-hot glue

In order to remove all egg remains from the perforated Easter eggs, you should put the eggshells in the water with disinfectant after all drilling work. It is best to leave the engraved Easter eggs in the solution overnight. Then they can be decorated with color, bows, rhinestones and so on as desired.

Engrave Easter eggs and design an Easter egg basket


Finally, if you engrave multiple Easter eggs, you can create an entire Easter egg basket with carved eggs. You can use it to decorate the table on Easter Sunday or make a small gift yourself for friends or family.

Make white Easter eggs yourself with a lace pattern

easter eggs-engrave-drill-decorate-loop-pattern

If you want to dress up your Easter eggs in a lace dress and make a filigree decoration for Easter yourself, then white eggs with a hole pattern are perfect for this. In addition to the holes, you can make other decorations with 3D paste and decorate the finished eggs with elegant bows made of satin ribbon.

DIY hanging decoration made of perforated eggs


The engraved eggs are very light and you can use them to make a beautiful hanging decoration for the window. Use the hole you made to blow out the egg and pull some satin ribbon through it as a hanger.

Carve Easter eggs using simple patterns


If you like the simple lace pattern, you can use this idea as inspiration for making engraved Easter eggs yourself. Simply draw a simple design on the eggshell, such as a heart or a star, and drill small holes along the edges and on the surface next to it.

Paint perforated Easter eggs brightly and creatively


If you would like to decorate your engraved Easter eggs even more beautifully, you can conjure up a beautiful design with a little color. You decide for yourself whether to color the whole eggs or simply paint beautiful motifs. For fun and creative ideas, you can ask the children for help.

Engrave Easter eggs and decorate with floral designs


Filigree Easter eggs with a lace pattern combine beautifully with various flowers and other spring motifs. If you are not very good at painting, you can simply use suitable stickers and decorate the perforated Easter eggs nicely.

Make Shabby Chic Easter eggs yourself – instructions


When engraving Easter eggs, you can let your creativity run free and create beautiful designs yourself. Easter eggs with 3D patterns and cute shabby chic motifs go perfectly with spring and can be conjured up quickly and easily. First draw the desired pattern, then engrave the Easter eggs and prepare them for painting.

Decorate egg with 3D paint


To give the egg a vintage look, you should first paint any pattern with a dark 3D color. When the paint is dry, paint the pattern with chalk paint and let it dry well again.

DIY shabby chic Easter eggs with rose pattern


If you want to intensify the vintage effect, then you can carefully edit the pattern with sandpaper with 120 grit. This makes the black color visible again and creates an elegant, worn look. To give the egg a shabby chic touch, decorate with a matching sticker with a floral pattern.

Engrave Easter eggs and decorate with silver motifs


Perforated Easter eggs look even more beautiful if you outline the engraved motifs and patterns with a contrasting color. There are no limits with white eggs – you can use as much as any color for the decorations. With a little silver, for example, the engraved Easter eggs look particularly elegant.

Easter egg decoration with colors and bows


You can decorate the white eggs not only with color, but also with various materials, such as bows. However, if you want to engrave brown Easter eggs, you can use white or black as the color for the decorations.

Engrave Easter eggs and design them as gifts


Perforated Easter eggs are perfect as a small gift for Easter. Women in particular would certainly look forward to such a homemade gift. To make the egg as a gift, you can make a suitable hanger and wrap the Easter egg nicely.

Color perforated Easter eggs

easter eggs-engrave-dye-decorate-ideas-easter decoration

Milled eggs can also be colored for Easter. First you should again engrave the Easter eggs and then color them using your favorite method. You can either put the eggs in a bowl with paint as usual, or paint them with paint and a brush. You can decorate the finished Easter eggs with a satin bow for a nice effect.

Engrave colorful Easter eggs


So that the design is clearly recognizable after coloring, you can use a thin brush to outline the hole pattern in a contrasting color. In this case, neutral colors such as black or white are recommended for colored eggs.

Make your own golden Easter eggs with a lace pattern


If you want to engrave Easter eggs and use them as part of your table decoration for Easter, then you should adapt the colors to them. Perforated eggs can be painted in any color. For a decoration in neutral colors or with golden motifs, you can also paint the Easter eggs with golden paint and thus conjure up a beautiful Easter decoration.

Ideas for colored eggs with lace patterns


With a little skill and imagination, the Easter eggs can be engraved and decorated with filigree patterns. You can use the holes from the lace pattern as part of flowers, butterflies or other spring motifs. Use our ideas as inspiration for a creative design for this year’s Easter eggs.

Engrave Easter eggs and decorate with children


Doing handicrafts with children at Easter is certainly a lot of fun and you can decorate the perforated eggs with the little ones. Children always have good ideas for creative decoration and would love to help with the Easter handicrafts.