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Easter egg decoration – 7 creative suggestions and helpful tips

easter eggs decoration pretty-painting-stripes-optics-pastel tones

the Easter eggs decoration remains the most important topic when it comes to Easter symbols. Easter eggs have been colored and decorated by many different cultures for centuries. Design your own Easter decorations by looking at these creative ideas and tips for the upcoming holidays and get inspiration from them.

Easter eggs decoration – beautiful trash for Easter

Easter eggs decoration easter basket-ribbons-pink-romantic-style

You can make a very original Easter decoration from the candy basket. Color the basket as you wish and fill it with either colored Easter eggs or any chocolate candy that is typical for Easter. This will be the most delicious homemade Easter decoration.

Easter egg decoration – decorate with glitter particles

easter eggs decoration design-glitter-pink-blue-green

Try this idea for a spectacular one Easter eggs decoration the end. The eggs are covered with double-sided tape and then with glitter particles. You choose the colors and shape of the jewelry pieces according to your own taste. Then place them in a large jam jar or in a vase.

Effective garland made of Easter eggs


A particularly creative way to decorate the apartment for Easter is the garland of Easter eggs. But you should be aware that you need a lot of Easter eggs for this decoration. You should blow out the eggs beforehand, so you should definitely consider preparing a dish from eggs that day. With this beautiful garland you can decorate the staircase, the fireplace or the windows. To make a decent garland, you need at least three dozen eggs. Remove the contents of the eggs by piercing small holes in both pointed sides of the eggs. Color the eggshells as you wish and use a needle and a very thin ribbon to connect them as a garland.

Special technique for removing the contents of the eggs


So that your Easter eggs decoration practical and convenient, you should remove the contents of the eggs first. You can do this by drilling two tiny holes in either side of the egg. Use a needle. Then carefully blow out the contents in a bowl. And so the egg is ready to be decorated.

Make personalized Easter eggs

creative suggestions for easter eggs decoration personalized

A very original idea when you have invited guests at home is to use the Easter eggs as personalized place cards. Boil the eggs and color them in light colors. Then paint the initials of the guests on it. Then place each egg in the appropriate place in front of each guest.

Eggs with stickers

Blow out creative suggestions for easter egg decoration

Easter eggs decoration with paper bird’s nest

creative suggestions for easter eggs decorating paper plates

This idea for Easter eggs decoration is pretty easy and not particularly time consuming. Glue different patterns cut out from the colored paper on the eggs. Take paper plates and fill them with strips of paper that you design as a nest. Then put the decorated Easter eggs in there.

Easter eggs decoration with watering can on the door

creative suggestions for easter eggs decoration watering can

Welcome the guests into your home by decorating your front door for Easter. You can use the old watering can as a flower pot. Color eggshells in pastel shades and arrange them around flowers in the watering can. Then hang the whole installation on the door. So you have the perfect one Easter eggs decoration, which is visible as soon as you enter the house.

creative suggestions for easter eggs decoration flower pattern

creative suggestions for easter egg decoration glitter

creative suggestions for easter eggs decoration trash

creative suggestions for easter eggs decoration garland