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Easter decorations with a difference: 35 rustic decoration ideas for Easter

rustic decoration ideas for easter nest-wood-eggs-chicken-textile-beige

The rustic style is very popular for the kitchen and bedroom. But it is also wonderfully suitable for Easter decorations. We have a couple here rustic decoration ideas for Easter for you who can inspire you.

 Rustic decoration ideas for Easter

rustic decoration ideas for easter easter eggs-light blue-clay pot-stand-bunnies

Popular materials for this are twine. You can use it to wrap your Easter eggs. Objects made of wood look just as great: baskets, wooden flower pots, twigs. Add fresh flowers and green plants to them. You can fill a basket with Easter eggs and decorate flowers as a rustic decoration. Square napkins and tablecloths in a rustic style should not be missing either. For further rustic decoration ideas for Easter, Just take a look at the following pictures and be inspired.

Rustic decoration ideas for Easter with a neutral choice of colors

rustic decoration ideas for easter white-flower-vases-easter nest-eggs

Neutral and subtle colors are a prerequisite for the rustic style. So you should definitely consider this if you have decided on rustic decoration ideas for Easter. You can only set a few accents with bright colors. The above example is very successful. A simple Easter basket with eggs is wonderfully combined with white flowers.

Easter wreath idea

rustic-decoration-ideas-for-easter-turkanz-idea-twigs-moss-wood-easter bunnies

A wreath should not be missing as a rustic decoration idea for Easter. Use natural materials for the design. Here you can see an idea made of twigs covered with moss here and there. In the middle again hang wooden Easter bunnies, which should put every guest, but also you in the right mood when you come home.

Easter eggs made of wood, wire and moss


In general, moss is very suitable as a material if you want to make rustic decoration ideas for Easter. You can decorate not only wooden eggs in this way, but also real eggs. Tape them or secure the moss with wire.

Colorful bouquets of flowers

easter decoration golden eggs jute ribbon table runner

Coloring Easter eggs gold

rustic decoration easter eggs flower nest

Decoration for Easter with tulips and metal decorations

rustic table decoration ideas easter glass vase basket pink tulips

Rustic decoration ideas for Easter for the eggs

rustic eggs easter jute twine lace jute ribbon

Rustic Easter basket

rustic decorating ideas easter wicker basket tendrils spotted eggs

rustic decoration ideas for Easter table hydrangea bouquet

rustic decor easter table tree bark hydrangea vase

rustic decoration ideas for Easter milk jug flowers bouquet tendrils  rustic decoration ideas easter wreath willow flowers bunny

rustic decorating ideas easter console table grass bucket branches

rustic decoration ideas easter jute ribbon white rose glass

rustic decoration ideas easter wood box bunny eggs paper carrots

rustic decorating ideas easter house branches vase wood pendant

rustic decorating ideas for Easter front door wreath ferns carrots  rustic decoration easter eggs paper flowers pins embellish

rustic decoration easter moss look table runner bird cages

rustic decor easter ideas wreath jute ribbon moss eggs

rustic decoration easter spotted eggs clay pot lantern

rustic decoration easter bucket gravel bunny plants

rustic decor ideas easter clay pot eggs flowers little birds

rustic decor ideas easter mirror moss branches jug eggs wreath

rustic decoration easter fireplace old pot easter tree

rustic decoration ideas bucket rabbit figure carrots flowers

rustic decor ideas easter house moss wreath eggs  rustic decoration garden easter spring hanging table

rustic decoration ideas easter wreath branches eggs moss

rustic decorating ideas easter spring teacups grass eggs

rustic decorating ideas for Easter eggs clay pots flowers