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Design and decorate Easter eggs – 25 great ideas and suggestions


Dyeing and painting the Easter eggs has been a popular tradition for many families for decades. But besides real eggs, you can also create beautiful decorations with Easter eggs made of plastic, wood and styrofoam. You can use anything from paper to thread to make colorful and cheap Easter decorations. Perfect for spring! In fact, we’ve put together 25 ideas to make yours yours Design and decorate Easter eggs can. So either heat up the glue gun or let the water boil.

Design Easter eggs and decorate the house beautifully


We start our collection with real egg projects. There is just something special about that can be harmful to young children, so you can try dyeing with natural dyes. They use natural oils from fruits and vegetables, and each broth is different in color. Like those dry hibiscus leaves that turn the eggs gray and look like small pebbles. If you want to create beautiful effects, then use lace, old ties or nylon stocking and fresh herb leaves.

Design and decorate Easter eggs using various techniques


If you’d rather decorate with plastic eggs, then we have lots of ideas for you! Styrofoam, wood or paper are great materials. The styrofoam is very cheap and light and such eggs can be hung anywhere or used as ornaments for spring branches in a vase.

Decorate pussy willow with artistically decorated blown eggs


Here you can see eggs on which entire themes and landscapes have been designed. These are plastic Easter eggs. Combine them with other Easter figures on the Easter bouquet. But keep in mind that these must not be very heavy so that the branches of the Easter bouquet can hold your decorations.

Make the Easter eggs minimalist 


You can display your designed eggs in a variety of ways. This idea is minimalistic and rustic at the same time. Put them in a simple, plain wooden box of any size and use this arrangement as a table decoration. You are welcome to add some real or artificial spring flowers.

decorative easter eggs

easter eggs styrofoam light decoration branches vase ideas

Whether blown, styrofoam or plastic eggs – they can all be designed with a wide variety of techniques, be it mere color, the decoupage technique or finished stickers. In any case, use bright and friendly colors to symbolize spring. Pastel colors are great and also very romantic.

Styrofoam eggs and pins

easter eggs fabric styrofoam pins tape

Surely you’ve seen various Styrofoam egg ideas that use pins to decorate. Not only sequins that are inserted into the egg with the needles are suitable. Different ribbons or fabrics for a quilted pattern are also perfect. Come up with something and create unique decorations that will amaze everyone.

Decorate eggs with watercolors and a brush

easter eggs ideas watercolor paint brush kids

Mini styrofoam buoyancy balls

easter eggs ideas decoration texture glue yellow

Natural dye made from hibiscus leaves  

design easter eggs natural materials ideas dry leaves hibiscus

easter eggs design pebble ideas table decorations sea theme

Styrofoam eggs on spring branch

easter eggs design ideas styrofoam eggs flowers pins green pink

Easter eggs design ideas parsley leaf purple pink

Glitter gel and pens

Easter eggs design ideas crayon flitzer gel

using old ties creatively

Easter-eggs-design-ideas tie wrapping paint


eggs easter paint pointed dyes delicate patterns

one color, different patterns

Easter-eggs-design-ideas one color- different patterns

Easter eggs-design ideas-eggs paint brush

Easter eggs-making ideas-lens rice noodles sticking

Easter eggs-painting decorate dots ideas

paint eggs bright blue cherry blossoms white dots

colorful easter egg ideas one color simply colorful

Easter eggs painting purple paper initial feathers

plastic easter eggs design ideas ribbon flowers decoration stones grass paper

Easter egg design idea napkin technique pink pattern

Easter-eggs-design-ideas decoration stones sticking silver

easter-eggs-design-ideas deco adhesive tape cut stick

colorful easter eggs ideas paint decorate make basket

easter egg ideas decoration yellow glass vase forsythia flowers

eggs easter ideas hibiscus naturally color gray