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Decoration for Easter – 25 imaginative ideas for the small apartment

Decoration for Easter egg cup flower vase tray

A small apartment is not only a great challenge for furnishing, but also for decorating. Often you have very little free space and you don’t necessarily want to stumble on the decoration. We will show you 25 imaginative and space-saving arrangements and ideas for Decoration for Easter, that will put you in a happy mood!

Decoration for Easter – colorful arrangements for a happy mood

Decoration for Easter metal-etagere-white-easter eggs-egg sweets-chocolate

If you don’t have a lot of free space in your apartment, you should prefer the Decoration for Easter keep it simple. Garlands and large ceramic figures should be avoided – they take up too much space. Instead, the entrance door can be decorated with a handcrafted wreath with brightly colored Easter eggs. Flowers and small Easter bunny figures can be arranged on the dresser and at the dining table.

Decoration for Easter fridge magnets-kids-tinker-wood-clothespins

Easter-themed fridge magnets will put you in a good mood at breakfast. The children will certainly be happy about a small basket with Easter eggs on the window sill! The basket can be hidden somewhere else every day – and the little ones have to look for it again.

Make beautiful and imaginative decorations for Easter yourself

Decoration for Easter ceramic-egg cups-moss-anemones-tulip-daffodils-hyacinths

Only those arrangements look beautiful that are not in the way and are in harmony with the interior. Our tip – choose the color you want Decoration for Easter with the interior and wall colors. Puristic interiors are freshened up with colorful flower arrangements, in eclectic facilities, on the other hand, simple single-color decorations / for example in green, in white or in yellow / come into their own.


Sweet table decorations with self-made paper figures

funny decorative paper patchwork table runner happy mood

The chest of drawers in the dining room is of course also decorated

original creative Easter basket table dresser window wreath spring flowers

The eggshells can be used as small vases

Roses egg shells vases egg carton craft ideas small apartment

Of course, fresh flowers should not be missing on the Easter table

Spring decoration ideas flower box country style rustic

Playful romance with carnations, scented candles and oranges

Arrangements Easter ideas Flowers Carnations yourself make fruit lanterns Etagere

Happy door wreath with spring theme for the apartment door

original decoration ideas spring small flat colored Easter eggs artificial flowers

Make a bird’s nest out of paper

Butterflies Paper Easter Eggs Chocolate Blue Color Plastic Paper

Modern decoration for minimalist interior

for easter hen metal easter basket easter eggs chalk labeled

Colorful chocolate eggs as a decoration on the children’s table

Tree decoration ideas sand bucket pink color checkered tablecloth

And brightly colored Easter eggs with stripe patterns

Tulips table decoration stylish ideas dining room decorating ideas

Simple, but super elegant – Easter decorations for small apartments

Easter eggs table decoration original creative cool idea balcony small apartment

funny decoration ideas table place cards Easter bunny cut out paper

Napkin decoration for Easter make your own pink ribbon

Ideas for Easter Easter eggs bundle thread red ribbon small sugar bags children

marbling Easter basket arranging ideas decorating small apartments

Cups fill sweets flowers children small gift

Easter bunny garden easter eggs purple blue fresh flowers

make your own Easter eggs wood creatively color fresh tulips

Pot Easter eggs sewn small fabric hearts decoration for Easter

decorate colored biscuits muffins birdhouse paper hens easter eggs