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Decorating Easter eggs – instructions for colorful “paper clothes”

Decorate Easter eggs -instructions-pinata-dress-dress

Easter is just around the corner and with it the opportunity to experience an exciting and unique festival among friends and relatives. Today we want to present you with a new idea, like yours Decorate Easter eggs could. This time it’s not about coloring or painting the eggs, we want to “dress the eggs in colorful clothes”! Yes, you read that right! But these egg decorations are made of paper! How can you implement this idea? Here are the instructions:

Let’s start with decorating the Easter eggs

What do you need?


– Blown eggs

– Crepe paper of different colors, you can get it at the flower shop

– glue

– Paint brush

– Scissors

– Thread and toothpicks to attach the decoration


First you need to blow out the eggs, then make a hole with the toothpick, through this hole must go the thread that you will use to hang the egg later. They need a length to hang like with Christmas decorations.

Decorating Easter eggs – instructions


The toothpick must be placed so that it holds well and does not slip.

Now it’s the turn of the egg decorations!

Now cut the paper into strips, make them fringes as shown in the pictures.

Apply glue to the paper and start wrapping it around the eggs in colored ribbons.

Cut the paper into strips and make fringes


Finally, cut two slices out of the paper and glue them on either side of the eggs.

Here your Easter decoration is ready! It will surely please all your friends and relatives, but especially your children and all small guests!

Kids would love these little pinatas

Decorate Easter eggs -instructions-pinata-eggs-tinker




Decorating Easter eggs instructions-warm-red-orange-tone



Source: A Subtle Revelry