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Decorating Easter eggs – instructions for a mosaic look

Decorating Easter eggs instructions-children-tinker-mosaic-eggs

Do you want to make interesting looking eggs in a mosaic look for Easter? Yes? We have prepared a few practical tips for this! This is how quick and easy it is to decorate Easter eggs.

Decorate Easter eggs and create a mosaic effect

Decorate Easter eggs -instructions-mosaic-effect

When you boil eggs, some of them break. But don’t worry! These eggs are also useful. When dyeing your Easter eggs, also dye the broken eggs in contrasting colors if possible so that each broken egg has a different color. This is necessary, then you have beautiful, colorful bowls for decorating your Easter eggs!

Decorating Easter eggs – simple instructions

Decorate Easter eggs. Eggshells-blue-colors-chop

Peel the broken eggs, smash their shells, and use them to decorate the other eggs. It’s easy!

 Simple idea also suitable for children


It all depends on your imagination and ingenuity.

Glue the broken shell pieces onto the egg


All you need are boiled eggs, painted eggshells, water-based glue, brushes.

create different patterns


Yes, this crafting job isn’t that easy, but the end result is wonderful. And such work always requires a little patience! Have enough of it too?

broken eggshells

Easter eggs decorate eggshells-green-colored

Attach the pieces to the eggshell with hot glue

Decorate Easter eggs yourself-make-mosaic-effect

With differently colored eggshells you can also create an interesting color gradient

Easter eggs decorate a mosaic-effect-eggshell-pieces-glue-on it

with gradient or monochrome

Easter eggs decorate mosaic effect different colors

Easter eggs in a mosaic look in egg cups