Easter & Spring

Decorate willow wreath: Ring in spring with an Easter wreath with fresh flowers

Above the mantelpiece, on the window or on the front door: Easter wreaths with fresh flowers are a wonderful eye-catcher and get us in the perfect mood for the coming holidays. Finished wreaths are of course available in the flower shop, but home-made designs leave space for your own wishes! We explain step by step how you can decorate a willow wreath and show numerous spring wreaths for inspiration. In the best case, the materials for this come from your own garden!

Decorate willow wreath: Ring in spring with a colorful Easter wreath made of flowers

Decorate willow wreath Spring crafts from natural materials

The first spring wreath is charming and spring-like. The seasonal flowers look noble and form an attractive, motley arrangement that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and your guests. Our tip: Very fresh flowers wither within four to five days. However, if you let the flowers dry for a few days, the cute spring wreath will last a week longer. A willow wreath serves as the basis, which you can find prefabricated in floristry shops or tie yourself.

Willow wreath decorate spring instructions step 1 the materials

You will need the following materials for the willow wreath:

  • Sewing thread or paper binding wire
  • a pair of secateurs
  • four willow branches, 2 meters long

You can buy the willow branches or cut them off while walking in the woods. Make sure that the branches are not too thick, young willow branches are much easier to bend and wrap.

Tying the willow wreath Twist and tie the willow branches

First make the basic structure from new willow branches. First, fold a willow branch into a circle and loop its ends around the base of the wreath. Then wrap the other branches around the ring. Tie the ends together with the paper wire. To be on the safe side, you can fix the wreath in several places. Be careful not to make the wreath too thick. If you wrap the branches in a small ring, the spring wreath will be too thick. A wreath with a diameter of 40 cm has proven to be ideal.

Decorate willow wreath: spring feeling with seasonal flowers

Decorate willow wreath for spring by tying small bouquets of flowers

If you want to decorate your willow wreath and welcome spring into your home, spring flowers are the ideal choice. You will need these natural materials:

  • Pussy willow, 14 branches each 15 cm long
  • Spring flowers of your choice (field flowers also possible)
  • 10 Baby Blue eucalyptus branches
  • 10 branches of broom or forsythia
  • Hooked Chamelaucium, 10 pink flowers
  • 9 daffodils
  • 8 muskrat hyacinths
  • 5 pink tulips
  • 5 yellow parrot tulips
  • 3 blue anemones
  • Floral wire
  • Secateurs

Willow wreath decorate spring fresh flowers

Now you can start decorating the wicker wreath. Then shape the pussy willow and tuck it between the willow branches. You can also embellish the wreath with cherry blossoms or other spring flowers of your choice. Our tip: choose flowers with long stems or thin flowering branches. It looks particularly attractive when everyone is from the same color family. Light color gradients, for example from pink to pink, also look beautiful.

Decorate willow wreath with natural materials Instructions

You can combine the remaining flowers into several small bunches and then fix them to the willow blank with the paper binding wire. Combine flowers with long stems with those with short stems so that the small arrangements look natural. First tie the first bouquet and place the second so that its flowers completely cover the stems of the first bouquet. Continue until all the arrangements are tightly tied. Make sure that the flowers are not too close together.

Decorate willow wreath: make an Easter wreath out of flowers

Willow wreath decorate spring with pussy willow

Try to tie the flowers as tightly as possible with the floral wire. If you choose seasonal flowers then you can decorate the willow wreath and hang it on the front door. The flowers can last a week outside. If the cut flowers droop after several days, you can replace the individual bouquets with new ones. If you want to display the Easter wreath made of flowers in a heated room, then you can spray it with fresh water every day.

Willow wreath decorating ideas for spring

If you want a decoration with natural materials that is not only beautiful but also long-lasting, then you can dry the bouquet first. Hang them upside down in a dark but well-ventilated place and spray them with hairspray. Let the bouquets dry there for a week. On the one hand they will keep their color, on the other hand they will last much longer outside.

Make an Easter wreath from natural materials: flowers and Easter eggs

Make Easter wreaths from natural materials, ideas for Easter eggs in the Easter basket and fresh flowers

We also show you other variants for a long-lasting spring decoration. The materials for the next Easter wreath come from nature: Fresh spring flowers, blown Easter eggs and green foliage play the main role in the next arrangement. First, tie a slightly thicker willow wreath with a diameter of 40 cm. Tie a green satin ribbon to add a splash of color to the Easter wreath. Arrange blown quail eggs in a nest of twigs, drape the green foliage around them and tuck seasonal white flowers like roses in the middle. If desired, you can set accents with colored Easter eggs.

Decorating willow wreath for Easter

Decorate the Easter wreath with blown Easter eggs

Decorated with bright green foliage, an Easter bunny silhouette made of paper, colored quail eggs tone on tone and moss: the Easter wreath is ready to hang, lie down or set up. The binding green has another advantage: it lasts significantly longer than flowers. To make the arrangement look more voluminous, you can also wrap several birch branches with leaves around the willow wreath. Our tip: Fresh herbs such as rosemary, mint or sage give off a pleasant scent and are also real eye-catchers.

Tying an Easter wreath of flowers: when roses play the main role

Willow wreath decorate spring with flowers like roses and ferns

If you want to decorate a willow wreath, roses are always the first choice. They are always well received, last a long time and can be attached to the wreath both fresh and dried. So that the queen can come to the fore among the flowers, she is usually only combined with binding green. Ferns, pistachio greens, and even ivy are perfect for this purpose. Different sized rose petals in contrasting colors make the wreath look natural.

Easter wreath made of flowers in bright yellow 

Make an Easter wreath out of flowers and letters out of wood and willow branches

Decorate willow wreath: peonies as heralds of spring on the front door

Making Easter wreaths from natural materials Ideas for making door wreaths from willow branches

Spring flowers and bows made of striped and patterned fabric

Make an Easter wreath from natural materials, roses and decorative ribbons tone on tone

Decorate willow wreath for spring: evergreen foliage, lemons and a decorative ribbon 

Make an Easter wreath out of lemons and evergreen tree branches

Easter wreath with flowers: tulips

Willow wreath decorate spring flowers like tulips and fabric bow

Making a spring wreath out of natural materials: Maritime flair  

Willow wreath decorate spring ideas with fresh flowers

Leafy green and white flowers: puristic Easter wreath with flowers

Decorate willow wreath with ferns and hydrangeas and moss

Make an Easter wreath from natural materials

Decorate willow wreath with daffodils and Easter bunny made of moss and green leaves

Magnolias decorate the wicker wreath

Willow wreath with fresh magnolias tie ideas

Decorate willow wreath with oranges

Willow wreaths decorate spring with natural materials such as fruits and magnolias