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Cute nail design ideas – paint funny Easter bunny patterns

ideas for nail design pastel-pink-white-rabbit-ears-cute-nailart

Make yourself a funny Easter manicure – as inspiration we will show you super cute ones Nail design ideas with Easter bunny patterns! Many of us look forward to Easter with impatience. For many of us, the festival will be with families, in the country, surrounded by green trees, fruits, animals, chickens, donkeys and a few bird nests that are just behind the house.

Nail design ideas – cute Easter bunnies for a festive mood

ideas for nail design colorful-checkered-pattern-rabbit-spring

We definitely cannot miss this festive covered table that becomes full of delicious dishes. There will definitely be green salads and Easter cakes. Together with these things we could probably also treat ourselves to a festive Easter manicure. Thus we transform the party into something special for us alone and also improve our mood. We are therefore offering you a video below that will show you how to cut them Nail design ideas be able to imitate with Easter bunnies.

Nail design ideas – cute Easter bunnies decorated with rhinestones

ideas for nail design easter bunny-colorful-easter-eggs-dots-mint-green

The nail design can be copied in several simple steps. Simply paint your fingernails in a neutral color first, then the nail tip in white. For the rabbit’s ears you also need pink varnish. The eyes and mouth can be painted with black or gray tip painter. Finally, you can add colored dots that represent Easter eggs – done!

Nail design in beige and white

ideas-for-nail-design-easter-earth-tones-beige-white-easter bunny

In white, beige, gray or brown, the rabbits look more natural. In this example, some ideas for nail designs with a lace pattern have also been added to the beige main color.

Glamorous nail design


If Sue still wants to create a glamorous style for Easter, add gold accents. In order to maintain a certain balance, it is best to use only one finger as an accent. Golden glitter makes this particularly good and goes wonderfully with your gold jewelry. You can also combine rabbit faces with small rabbit motifs to add variety.

Make Easter manicure yourself

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Nail design Easter bunnies pink white color rhinestones

Colorful background for the bunny nails

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Easter bunnies on a mint green background

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Nail design with rhinestones

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