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Creative handicraft ideas for Easter – tinker and decorate Easter baskets

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Both the Easter basket and the Easter basket are beautiful and fresh Easter decorations. Making baskets and then filling them with sweet little things is part of the beloved Easter tradition. With the help of our Craft ideas for Easter you can make cute decorations quickly.

Craft ideas for Easter – list of materials

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Having fun doing handicrafts is the most important thing. To our Craft ideas for Easter To make it come true, all you need is a few popular materials that can be found at the nearest craft store:

– A pair of forsythia twigs or cherry twigs and cherry blossoms or Easter grass

– Wire or wire hangers

– Wire cutters or scissors

– glue or hot pour gun

– small oval bowl, optionally flat and made of plastic

– a coffee cup

– colored ribbons or colored patterned construction paper

Craft ideas for Easter in 2 easy steps

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Craft ideas for Easter with baskets: Step 1: First cut off some forsythia branches with the wire cutter. Fill the bowl with the forsythia flowers and stick them on the outside surface of the bowl.

Make a handle for the basket

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Craft ideas for Easter with baskets: Step 2: The handle of a basket primarily has a decorative function. Take the wire in hand and cut about 25 cm from it. Bend the wire with the help of a coffee cup or a similar object with a cylindrical shape. Use glue or a hot pour gun to attach the end of the tape to the wire. Tie the colored ribbon around the wire in a spiral. Cut away what is left and glue the other end of the tape or the loop to the basket. The basket is ready to go!

Craft ideas for Easter – Easter basket tutu


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