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Crafting with wire for Easter: 5 great craft ideas with instructions

tinker wire easter easter basket egg carton decoration

It’s almost Easter and if you’re not in the mood for the traditional decorations that you’ve seen a hundred times before, then lend a hand and design it to suit your taste. Decorate the Easter eggs in a different way using craft wire. With little effort, a lot of imagination and even for little time, you can create a quick and effective spring decoration. We present 5 creative DIY ideas for crafting with wire. To do this, you usually don’t need anything except some wire and jewelry pliers.

Crafting with wire for Easter: copper wire for a metallic touch

tinker wire easter nest copper minimalist yourself

Craft wire is a versatile material that can be used for various DIY projects. Wire is available in many variants – very thin and fine or with a large wire thickness, colored, with a noble metal look, silver-plated or made of steel, etc. The large selection definitely does not make the decision easy. The choice must always be made depending on the purpose or the handicraft work. Craft wire is generally understood to mean gold, silver, brass or copper wire with different thicknesses, depending on how fine, large and heavy creative work it is used for. For handicrafts with wire for Easter, a handicraft wire with a thickness of 1 – 2 mm in any optics is ideal. A thin winding wire can be used for inconspicuous binding and fastening.

Handicrafts with wire for Easter: Small nests made of copper wire

tinker wire easter copper nest easter eggs

The craft wire can usually be easily shaped with your fingers. However, you can only create abstract shapes in this way, such as these beautiful egg nests made of copper wire. You can make an imaginative egg stand made of copper wire for just a few minutes by wrapping a little wire around an egg in a messy manner. In order to create an exact shape from wire, you should use suitable tools. To bend the wire square, you need flat-nose pliers and for soft curves – rosary pliers. Never use scissors to cut wire, as they will only become blunt. A pair of pliers or wire cutters are suitable for this purpose. If you only want to shape a piece of wire on one side and it should be fixed on the other, then you need holding pliers that do this job perfectly. All of these pliers are also available as a complete set and are ideal in the jewelry department of every craft store.

Handicrafts with wire for Easter: Make your own Easter baskets out of copper wire

tinker wire easter copper basket make yourself

Within a few minutes you can create a pretty Easter decoration out of craft wire. It seems inconspicuous at first glance, but it will certainly attract attention. The copper wire looks particularly beautiful for decorative work. When you get a small amount, all you need is jewelry pliers to cut the wire and you can start making beautiful wire baskets for the Easter eggs.

Making wire baskets yourself: instructions

tinker wire easter copper eggs basket

A bowl or bowl of your choice serves as a base to facilitate the making of this creative wire basket. You design the wire basket directly on it and it will then be as large as the bowl. Turn the bowl bottom up and start making a gorgeous wire basket from the bottom. Cut three pieces of wire of equal length that are slightly longer than the opposite points on the cup wheel. Cross them on the bowl bottom at even intervals and bend the wire ends inwards towards the inside of the bowl. Fix them in this position with tape. With a longer piece of wire, begin to braid the wire basket across from the bottom up.

tinker wire easter copper basket diy instructions

You should work in at least four cross lines of wire so that the basket eventually becomes reasonably stable. The larger the basket, the more vertical and horizontal parts you should include. Finally, remove the shell, insert a piece of wire as a rim for the basket, bend the vertical pieces of wire inward and fix them on the edge.

Crafting with wire for Easter: decorating Easter eggs

tinker wire easter easter eggs decoration creative

The smallest elements often have the greatest effect. So it is with this wonderful craft idea for creative Easter egg decoration with wire and decorative flowers. From a silver or aluminum wire you can bend a small ring that can be placed on an egg. To do this, work in two rabbit ears, also made of wire.

tinker wire easter easter eggs decoration rabbit ears

Attach three small decorative flowers to the wire ring between the rabbit ears with the help of their wire stems. Cut off the excess length of the stem with pliers. The result is a kind of rabbit ears with flowers for the Easter eggs, which look extremely cute and create the right spring mood.

Handicrafts with wire for Easter: Make minimalistic Easter decorations out of wire yourself

tinker wire easter dkeo napkins minimalisthe hare

A decoration that consists exclusively of wire looks very simple, minimalist and convinces with creative ingenuity. With craft wire, each motif can be represented linearly and designed as a decorative pendant. A wire pendant with a rabbit motif is a wonderful addition to an Easter decoration or a sweet gift idea.

tinker wire easter bunny bend nails

The easiest way to make wire tags is with a template. In addition to the rabbit motif, the topic “Easter & Spring “also birds, flowers, hearts or butterflies. Print out the design in any size and fix it to a cutting board or cork coaster with small nails. Now shape the wire pendant according to the template by wrapping the wire around the nails and finally wrap the ends of the wire to tie the figure together. For a perfect finish, tie a nice ribbon around the rabbit’s neck.

tinker wire easter bend button pliers

Small wire pendants can be used to add beautiful accents to table decorations. If you would like to display larger motifs in this way, we recommend using a stronger wire and finally tying the wire ends together with a wire connector that is as small as possible.

tinker wire easter minimalistic decoration bunnies

Handicrafts with wire for Easter: Make your own creative table decorations out of wire 

tinker wire easter table decorations name tags

The popular Easter motifs can be made imaginatively and very abstractly from wire. Most of the time, small details are sufficient to clearly represent a rabbit, a chicken or an Easter egg. In this way, original stands for table name tags in the shape of bunnies can be created in just a few simple steps. All you need is some craft wire and jewelry pliers.

tinker wire easter bunny minimalistic schwraz biegen

The body of this abstract rabbit consists of three circles. The first circle acts like a foundation and keeps the rabbit stable in a vertical position. To do this, form a double circle, then bend the wire at a right angle and then shape the rabbit’s stomach and head vertically in the center of the base circle.

tinker wire easter bunny schwraz table decorations

Finally, shape two ears and in between you will later attach the beautiful name tags. Each part of the rabbit should be made of double-wound wire and all rabbits should be the same size.

tinker wire easter bunny table decorations name tags