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Crafting decorations with children in spring and at Easter – 25 great ideas

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Handicrafts in spring and at Easter is a lot of fun for children. The symbols of spring and those of Easter are ideal for a common and unique arrangement. In addition, they can be made easily and from inexpensive materials. Check out our ideas for fun and original decorations! Here you are sure to find some great ideas for spring and Easter handicrafts!

Handicrafts in spring and at Easter – impressive decoration for the house

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Decorating in spring is all about letting the house shine in different colors. If possible, decorate with cheerful, bright colors. Bring a true explosion of color to the spring table. To the Handicrafts in spring and at Easter Easter baskets, Easter nests and flower arrangements that bring nature home are ideal. For this you should have some handicraft utensils ready – such as paper, cardboard, bows, moss, branches that are as flexible as possible and thinner branches for making small Easter nests or door wreaths. Easter eggs and other decorations are easily attached with the hot glue gun or firmly tied to the wreath with craft wire.

Handicrafts in spring and at Easter – make themed playmats yourself

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With eggshells you can decorate your home in a very beautiful and natural way. The imagination knows no limits. If you want to spice up the decoration, you can try this: Eggshells are ideal as planters that underline the natural charm of the spring flowers. On the one hand you can decorate the eggshells with moss, on the other hand you can arrange them with straw. The spring and Easter decorations just look pretty and very natural.

Door wreath with Easter eggs 


The classic flower wreath is ideal for spring and Easter decorations. This wreath can easily be made by yourself. Hyacinths, tulips, Easter glasses also come into their own in combination with various decorative elements such as colored eggs and Easter figures.

Cloth bag for sweets or Easter eggs


It is just great fun to make the spring decorations yourself. Decorate the table for Easter with eggs, porcelain figurines and feathers. A beautifully planted spring basket with crocuses, daffodils and tulips can be the perfect eye-catcher on the dining table. The self-made basket can also be decorated with bows. At Easter it is also very nice to put some tea lights on the table. At dusk, the self-made decoration can shine in the candlelight.

Make a flower vase for the beginning of spring

Eggs bowl planter beautiful decoration idea to plant flowers

Decorative pieces of paper

Rabbit ears Children are happily tinkering with Easter ideas in spring

Easter and spring decorations – paper flowers

Spring flowers paper decoration colorful ideas for tinkering easter

Crafts for spring and Easter – Easter baskets

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Decorate Easter eggs with sequins

Decorate and paint Easter eggs with sequins

The Easter bunny decorates the front door

ideas entrance door easter bunny fabric spring decoration

Easter spring decoration with children making paper flowers

Planted Easter egg bowls. Spring flower pot ideas

easter wreath spring decoration loop blown easter eggs

Craft ideas spring bunny Easter basket bag for sweets

Easter basket craft ideas do it yourself-Easter bunny deco fabrics

Paper making Easter basket kids ideas rabbit ears

Flowers wreath-entrance door ideas-moss carrot decoration,

Garland colorful spring Easter decorations make felt eggs yourself

Egg-shaped decoration Easter eggs tinker with children in spring

Easter tinker baskets Entrance door decorations figures

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easter egg decorating apartment sofa handicrafts in spring to easter throw pillows

Baking biscuits for Easter cook recipes Easter bunny

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Tie a wreath-decorate your home-ideas entrance door