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Craft ideas for Easter 2015 – flower arrangements on the Easter table


We’ll show you some craft ideas for Easter 2015 – these cheerful flower arrangements are guaranteed to put you in a good mood at the Easter table. Create a stylish table decoration with fresh spring flowers in no time – we will show you how to do it. Perhaps among the twenty-two ideas you can find one that you would like to try!

Craft ideas for Easter 2015 – fresh flowers create a happy atmosphere at the Easter table

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-flower arrangements-eggshells

The first idea presents a puristic arrangement with three stylish ceramic vases in the shape of Easter eggs. Willow twigs, pussy willows and fragrant flowers were put into it. Purple faux pearls add the final touch. These flower arrangements can be conjured up in less than 10 minutes – and then make the minimalist Easter table look cheerful. Another important advantage – this Easter decoration lasts a long time and can also decorate the table after the Easter holidays.

Craft ideas for Easter 2015 – lilies of the valley in eggshell vases

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-Eggshell-Lily of the valley

This arrangement looks cute and just super charming. First an egg is blown out, then the eggshell is colored and used as a vase. And what fits better in the small Easter bowl than fresh lilies of the valley? The spring flowers will perfectly complete the colorful Easter table. Optionally, these Easter vases can be placed in the plates.

Arrange fresh flowers in egg carton


Creative souls have arranged individual flowers in an egg box. The result is impressive – simply fascinating!

Tea cups become vases – beautiful flower arrangements on the Easter table

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-teacups-spring flowers

Old tea cups can be turned into vintage vases – this lovely upcycling idea is sure to earn compliments!

Cover Easter eggs with dry flowers

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-Decoupage-Easter eggs

Optionally, you can stick dry flowers on the Easter eggs – this idea is a space-saving variant in the event that there is not enough space for a bouquet on the Easter table. You can find more imaginative handicraft ideas for Easter 2015 in the photo gallery below.

 Fresh spring flowers on the Easter table – purple carnations, roses and poppies


 Easter eggs turn into vases – stylish small flower arrangements


Plastic eggs and artificial grass on the Easter table – stylish and simple craft idea

Craft ideas-Easter-2015-metal jug-artificial grass-Easter eggs

If there is not enough space – hang jam jars over the Easter table

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-jam jars

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-ideas-flower arrangements-blown-out-eggs





Flower pots on the Easter table – fragrant violets


Vintage ceramic flower vase on the Easter table

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-vintage-vase-flower arrangements

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-flower arrangements-do-it-yourself

Handicraft-ideas-Easter-2015-arranging-flower arrangements

Craft-ideas-Easter-2015-flower arrangements-roses

Craft ideas-Easter-2015-Flower arrangements-Easter basket

tinkering ideas for easter 2015 original-vases-eggshells-maigloeckchen-pansomuetterchen

tinkering ideas for easter 2015 easter basket-white-tulip-idea

tinkering ideas for easter 2015 tulips-yellow-white-crockery-vintage