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Coloring Easter eggs – use oil for a marbled effect

Coloring Easter eggs - marble effect instructions

One of our favorite things to do before Easter is to paint the eggs yourself. Today we want to show you the technique of coloring eggs with a marble effect. The trick to coloring these Easter eggs is very simple and is called…. oil.

Color Easter eggs with egg color, vinegar and oil

Easter eggs coloring marble effect bowl nest

First, cook the eggs until they harden. In a couple of bowls or cups, mix warm water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of oil and egg color (one per bowl). Since the oil and water do not mix, the olive oil will float on the surface.

coloring Easter eggs – Step by step instructions

Coloring Easter eggs hard-boiling

Then break the floating oil bubble with a fork. Dip the eggs in the color you want and leave them until they absorb the color. The oil will prevent the paint from penetrating the eggshell. Leave eggs in the dye solution for a short time for a pastel shade or longer for a saturated color.

Coloring Easter eggs marble-effect-egg-color-cups-mix

Take the eggs out of the bowl with a fork. Put them on a paper towel and wipe the excess oil off the eggshells. Let the eggs dry.

Easter eggs-colors-marble-effect-olive oil-egg colors


Easter eggs-color-marble-effect-olive oil-cloth

Achieve a two-tone effect

Easter eggs color marble effect two tone

Dip the eggs in a second color for an interesting two-tone effect. If the eggs don’t get the same mottled look they did the first time, add more tablespoons of olive oil to the dye solution.

Enjoy what you did! Do you like it?



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