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Coloring Easter Eggs – Original Techniques That You Should Try!

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To prepare for the upcoming Easter, you can use the following original techniques for coloring Easter eggs try out.

Coloring Easter eggs – an overview of the creative options

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1. Paint with watercolors

Water colors are very popular with children, but also with adults. They are easy to handle and cleaning after the unwanted spill is not difficult at all.

Coloring Easter eggs with cactus motifs

Easter eggs color watercolor cactus painting idea

You can also use interesting technology to dye Easter eggs. With the help of watercolors you can design interesting motifs and create unique Easter eggs.

Romantic butterflies


The great thing about watercolors is that you don’t need perfection to make the pictures look pretty. But on the contrary! Small flaws and blurred colors make every motif when coloring Easter eggs even more appealing.

Ombre effect


Another great idea with this variant of coloring Easter eggs is the ombre effect. You can use a wide variety of colors and combine them with one another. This will also be easier for your children.

Colorful eggs

coloring easter eggs original techniques find interesting inspiration

2. Original techniques for coloring Easter eggs – A stained egg

It may look difficult, but it isn’t. All you need is a sponge to apply the paint to the egg. Use colored acrylic paints or a white one, which you mix with the usual egg colors. Finally, dab a little white paint on the egg to get the white spots.

Marble eggs

Marbled eggs from different colors interesting results

3. Original techniques for coloring Easter eggs – Marble eggs of different colors

You need paint for eggs and for each container of paint you need 1 spoonful of oil and a spoonful of vinegar. Dip the egg in any color for a few minutes. As you take it out, you will notice that the egg has not turned the color all over the place. Dry it off with a napkin or paper towel. After that, put it in the next color and keep doing this until you get the effect you want.

Pretty patterns

eggs painted with wax easter ideas numerous

4. Original techniques for coloring Easter eggs – Eggs painted with wax

This method is widely used. A special pen with a wax tip is used for this. If this is now heated on a candle, you can draw wonderfully with it. The eggs themselves must be raw. You can also use wax and a needle instead of the pen. After the eggs have been colored, any excess wax can simply be scraped off.

Coloring Easter eggs – try different techniques!

easter eggs coloring ukrainian eggs colors garish technique

5. Original techniques for coloring Easter eggs – Ukrainian eggs

The wonderful Easter eggs are also processed with such a pen. How exactly can you see in the following video.

coloring easter eggs easter celebrations create your own decoration

6. Original techniques for coloring Easter eggs – Eggs with homemade drawings

This technique is more suitable for those who are good at painting. Different colors and contours are used: acrylic paints or paints for ceramics. They should also be as waterproof as possible so that they last longer. Such eggs are good gifts for friends and relatives. The base color is applied with a thick brush. Then you draw various patterns and ornaments on the egg with a thin brush. The eggs should be cooked and cool. You can also use normal egg colors as the background color. Or you can first draw a figure with wax, then color the egg and then draw additional figures with contour colors or work on the figure from the wax. The eggs will be just as pretty if you decorate them beforehand with the decoupage technique and then trace the contours.

Easter eggs painting tradition to offer original techniques

In the end, it just takes a lot of imagination and patience to master these original egg coloring techniques.