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Colorful Easter eggs: 10 great ideas to imitate

colorful easter eggs decorating pastel colors lettering ideas

Easter is simply unthinkable without colorful Easter eggs. Traditionally, chicken eggs are colored monotonously. In the past, they were all dyed red and given away on Easter Monday. Today, other “classic” colors such as yellow, green, blue and gold are used. If you like it a little more creative and especially if children also take part, you can also add a pretty motif. Easter eggs can be colored imaginatively and with almost any means such as different colors, stickers, stamps and other utensils that you have in the household. Even if you don’t have a lot of time and you have to go really fast, there are great and very simple ideas to imitate. The will is there, but the inspiration is missing? We have selected the 10 most original DIY projects for colorful Easter eggs.

Colorful Easter eggs: letters instead of patterns

colorful easter eggs decorate alphabet letters

Currently, less is often more and a reduced look is all the more chic. The Easter eggs can also be decorated in a contemporary way according to this motto. If you are painting colorful Easter eggs this year, you can opt for letters or even entire words or messages instead of patterns. Individual letters on the eggshell can be applied, for example, with stickers that are stuck on before the egg is colored and then removed. Alternatively, a similar effect can be achieved with a black felt pen or acrylic paint. Nice handwriting is required.

Simple Easter eggs with gold shimmer

colorful easter eggs decorate gold gold glitter

Great, effective Easter eggs can be designed in no time, even without using bright colors. We recommend using white chicken eggs for this Easter DIY project. This is how the decorative elements come into their own. As a beautiful accent, small plastic figures are glued directly onto the eggshell, which has been previously colored in gold. You can also use other metallic colors such as silver, rose, etc. The small figures can also be rolled around in glitter.

colorful easter eggs decorate gold plastic figures gold glitter

Decorate colorful Easter eggs in pastel colors with gold leaf

colorful easter eggs decorate gold leaf pastel colors

Metal optics and metallic colors are currently very popular. They can also be wonderfully integrated into the Easter decorations. For example, as in the previous DIY project, where you set small shimmering accents or you can also design the Easter eggs mainly in gold. You should not completely do without bright colors.

colorful easter eggs decorate gold leaf instructions craft tips

Now the Easter eggs are colored as usual. When the egg surface is completely dry, you can proceed to gilding. For this you need gold leaf or copper leaf or silver leaf etc. at will and a special adhesive mixture. You can get everything useful in the craft shop. In order for the gilding to succeed, the surface should be free of grease and dust. Then a thin layer of the adhesive is applied. After about 20-30 minutes it will be dry, but still sticky. Then you take a piece of gold leaf, put it on the eggshell and smooth it out.

Decorating colorful Easter eggs: pastel colors and decoupage

colorful easter eggs decorate decoupage plants mtive

Pastel colors are a hot trend that has totally conquered the fashion and design industries in general. The soft nuances are very popular, especially in spring, because they ensure freshness and also look extremely natural. Pastel tones can also be used for Easter decorations and when painting the Easter eggs. The effect can be achieved either with conventional egg colors, by simply dipping the eggs in the color for less time, or using other colorants, such as acrylic colors.

colorful easter eggs decorate pastel colors decoupage motifs

The colored eggs can be beautifully decorated with the decoupage technique or the napkin technique in a particularly original and also very easy way. You can cut out any motifs or patterns and stick them to the eggs with the help of a suitable adhesive.

“Tattooing” white Easter eggs 

colorful easter eggs decorate tattoo water soluble stickers

This colorful Easter egg decoration looks extremely original and creative. Water-soluble stickers, or still called water tattoos, are used. It is also best to use white chicken eggs for this and clean them thoroughly before decorating. Then you take the sticker, put it briefly in lukewarm water and then attach it directly to the eggshell. Use a damp sponge to wet the back of the sticker until the carrier film detaches from the motif and you’re done.

colorful easter eggs decorate tattoos stickers

Decorate Easter eggs with washi tape

colorful easter eggs decorate washi tape

If you have to go really fast, you can simply put stickers on the Easter eggs. However, this is not particularly creative and not very original. The commercially available and definitely boring stickers can be replaced with colorful washi tape. There is also a huge selection of the colorful decorative tape and there is certainly the right motif for every taste.

colorful easter eggs decorate washi tape diy

The brightly colored washi tapes can be used to depict beautiful geometric motifs on the eggshell. It is also advisable to use white eggs here to better accentuate the decoration.

Colorful Easter eggs with eye-catching patterns

colorful easter eggs decorate rainbow colors bright bang

If some are into reduced optics, others have the motto: the more, the better. This DIY project for colored eggs is for those who like rainbow colors and colorful prints. In addition to the boiled eggs, if possible white, you need vinegar, shaving foam and acrylic paints in any nuance that can be combined well with each other. Felt-tip pens can also be used for other decorations such as patterns and prints.

colorful easter eggs decorate rainbow colors effects

Now you put about a cup of shaving foam in a larger vessel and then sprinkle with acrylic paints. Then carefully stir the shaving foam color mixture so that the colors mix well with one another, but no uniformly colored mass should result. Now roll the white boiled eggs very well into the foam and leave them on their side for a while. After 15-20 minutes you can easily wipe off the foam with kitchen paper. After all, beautiful color gradients should be created.

colorful easter eggs decorate rainbow colors permanent marker stripes

Finally, playful motifs and patterns can be hand-painted on the eggs with a black felt pen.

Painting colorful Easter eggs: sugar sprinkles

colorful easter eggs decorate sugar sprinkles color paint color

Anyone who knows how to use paint and brushes will find it easy to design the Easter eggs in an original and creative way. Here we present two great inspirations for colorful Easter eggs that anyone with a talent for drawing can realize in no time at all.

colorful easter eggs decorate sugar sprinkles paint

Inspired by the sweet sugar sprinkles, the white eggs can be painted colorful and atmospheric with small stripes with a fine brush and some paint.

Colorful Easter eggs like real works of art: spring flowers

colorful easter eggs decorate spring painting flowers

The final inspiration in this post works especially well for passionate artists who love to paint. So that you can enjoy the Easter art for a long time, it is recommended to decorate blown white eggs. These can be beautifully decorated with acrylic paints in pastel shades and transformed into a unique spring decoration.