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Clever Ideas for Easter – How to Paint Easter Eggs with Faces?

Easter eggs with smiling faces yellow color

We’ll give you a clever one Idea for funny easter eggs with faces! All you would need are eggs (colored or not), pencil and your ability to paint! Let your imagination run wild and delight your guests!

Make cute Easter decorations yourself – Easter eggs with faces


Interesting, fresh and easy to make – Easter eggs with faces are a fun way to present yourself well on the festive table. So that you can be sure that you will remain error-free, we advise you to first draw the line you want with a pencil and only then repeat the whole thing again with the permanent pen. The result would then be a figure that brings its own mood and presents us with various messages. Here are a few designs you can trace over.

Make Easter smileys yourself and give them away

easter eggs-faces-happy-sad-in love

With your Easter smileys you can express different feelings: happiness, joy, anger, love, contentment, etc. Use different colors for the tongues, tears and hearts.

express different feelings

easter-eggs-faces-painting-egg carton

Represent your favorite motifs on eggs


Let yourself be carried away by your favorite characters from films like Harry Potter.


easter eggs create ideas that are easy to imitate

Smiling faces

Smiling faces-ideas for easter-original easy to imitate

easter eggs paint cute simple ideas with faces

Famous people

kiss easter eggs tinker painting ideas original

Paint different faces

idea decoration easter eggs coloring funny

Glue on eyes

Coloring eggs with glue-sticking ideas

Eggs with three different faces

decorate to paint easter eggs or dye ideas

different characters

easter eggs ideas decorate funny face paint

with black marker on white eggs

smiling face-on easter eggs drawing simple idea

frightening egg

Easter decoration ideas-paint grimaces-with eggs

two eggs in an egg carton

funny easter decoration faces drawing eggs lovers

Easter decoration eggs-with eyes and mouth to draw ideas

smiling face easter eggs-painting easter