Easter & Spring

Beautiful and simple spring table decoration ideas with flowers and Easter eggs


Invite spring at home with these beautiful and simple spring table decoration ideas a! Lots of fresh flowers, fruit, Easter eggs, birds motifs and other ideas on how to arrange the table.

Spring table decoration ideas – colors and motifs


In spring you can discover a variety of colors in nature – so don’t hesitate and bring them into your home. The spring table decoration ideas can be colorful – tender pink, blue or light purple colors will make your table look elegant and stylish. Grass green, orange and yellow will create a happy atmosphere. Our tip – take a very careful look around your own household – and make a list of what you already have. White tablecloth, for example, can be perfectly combined with light pastel colors. Match the color of the napkins with the color of the flowers or fruits that you use as decoration – this will make the design look uniform. So you can combine light blue napkins with spring flowers. If you do not have a suitable vase, you can simply scatter flowers on the table or arrange fruits in a teacup – such as the table decoration idea with the strawberries below. The sun shines strongly in spring, so you basically don’t need candles.

Spring table decoration ideas with Flowers and fruits 


Fresh fruit and flowers, lots of green accents make the table decorations look cozy and inviting. You can achieve a big impact with small details – put lemons and white tulips in a soaked vase – the end effect is impressive, and the idea itself is very easy to reproduce. Only put an accent in the center of the table so that there is enough space left for the food. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions and create your own spring table decoration ideas!

Decoration with white tulips and small quail eggs 

spring-table-decoration-flowers-easter-eggs-white-tulipenn-quail eggs-egg sweets

As for the Easter decorations, the quail eggs are a wonderful alternative to the usual chicken eggs. They are much smaller, can be colored just as brightly and naturally have small dark spots that have a particularly decorative effect. This allows you to conjure up a creative and space-saving table decoration for Easter and spring.

Spring table decoration with natural materials 


With natural materials for spring decorations, you can invite nature into your home and conjure up a fresh atmosphere. Green leaves, spring flowers and self-made Easter nests made of moss and twigs can be perfectly combined with each other and ensure a natural feeling when decorating the table. Let nature inspire you to decorate your own home.

Bird nests with eggs and daffodils

spring-table-decoration-ideas-bird's nest-early blooming-daffodil-easter eggs

Use eggshells as mini vases


Fruit and fruits as decoration

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