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5 really great ideas for coloring Easter eggs with acrylic paints

Here are some interesting techniques for making great patterns to use on your Easter eggs with acrylic paints. All you have to do is get stamps from everyday things: aluminum foil, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, a string and whatever else you can think of. You can buy acrylic paints in stationery stores or on the Internet, for example. These techniques for coloring Easter eggs with acrylic paints are incredibly easy and look really great and effective.

Just make sure that the painted eggs are not intended for human consumption. The egg shell is porous and the acrylic paint can still get on the egg. So acrylic only works on cooked Easter eggs if this one not to be eaten.

1. A stained Easter egg made of aluminum foil – color Easter eggs with acrylic paints

Spotty Easter egg aluminum foil-Easter egg coloring technique-with acrylic paints

This method is particularly easy. You need a piece of aluminum foil, various acrylic paints and of course white, hard-boiled eggs.

  1. Crumple the foil. Put any acrylic paint on it.
  2. While holding the foil in your hand, place the egg in the center. Wrap it up and hold the egg like this for a moment.
  3. Take the egg out of the foil and let the paint dry. If you want, you can repeat the whole thing with other colors and get a brightly colored Easter egg.

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2. A dot egg made from bubble wrap

coloring technique-dots-egg Air-bubble foil-easter decoration paint eggs

This technique for Coloring Easter eggs with acrylic paints can be used particularly quickly. You need bubble wrap and acrylic paints.

  1. Cut out a long piece of bubble wrap and brush it with any paint you want.
  2. Now carefully roll the egg over the foil so that dots are printed on it.
  3. Let the paint dry well and repeat with a different color if you want.

3. Coloring Easter eggs with acrylic paints – Easter eggs with fingerprint images

Easter eggs paint ideas acrylic paints Easter egg pictures from fingerprints

Here, the majority of the images are made up of your fingerprint. For the rest, it all depends on your imagination. How about a face or a piggy? Or a rabbit, a flower, a chick? Come up with something interesting!

All you have to do is dip your finger in any color you want and put a fingerprint on the egg. You can of course vary the size and / or use all fingers. You can easily draw the rest of the figure with a pen.

4. A striped egg made from corrugated cardboard

egg coloring instructions for idea strips Egg-fluted cardboard

For this technique to Coloring Easter eggs with acrylic paints need a piece of fluted cardboard.

  1. Brush the cardboard (the fluted side) with paint. As with the bubble wrap, roll the egg over the cardboard.
  2. Let the paint dry well again. Again, you can of course continue with other colors.

5. Coloring Easter eggs with acrylic paints – an abstract egg made of string

Easter coloring-painting-eggs Acrylic-abstract egg

In this method, the paint is applied using a string. The string should be a little thicker, e.g. wool or packing string.

  1. Dip a piece of string of any color. Then put the string on the egg.
  2. Let the paint dry well and repeat with other colors. To do this, take a new piece of string.

You can also decorate the egg interestingly using these techniques Coloring Easter eggs with acrylic paints combine with each other. For example, print green grass on the egg using the corrugated cardboard and add a sun from your fingerprint. Let your imagination run wild and have fun decorating the Easter eggs. Your loved ones will be amazed!

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