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40 fresh spring decoration ideas – decorate and tinker with moss

Moss is very cool for decorating and handicrafts because it looks so fresh and naturally beautiful! And since we usually achieve a fresh, green look in spring, it is perfect for this seasonal decoration. If you are looking for impressive Spring decoration ideas for the house and garden, check out these inspirations that use green moss for beautiful arrangements.

Beautiful Spring decoration ideas with moss

Spring decoration ideas -moss-candleholder-glass-bast ribbon

Decorating with moss is easy because it has a natural charm. Even some fluffy moss balls can create a nice ambience. If you cannot find a finished ball, you can alternatively wrap one made of styrofoam with the greenery and decorate it with butterflies. There is no need to look for the plant in the forest; you can buy it from a nursery. There are different natural varieties as well as artificial ones in different variants and designs, such as soft, green mats, ribbons, stones and others.

Spring decoration ideas – use decorative moss cleverly

Spring decoration ideas moss-bell jar-arrangement-cake stand-grapevines

You can also put a bed of moss in bowls, jam jars or candle holders so that it can serve as a base for various decorative items. Arrange small chicks, birds or rabbit figures and place the container on the mantelpiece, window sill or table. Moss in a vintage bird cage or terrarium it’s another cool idea.

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Decorate with natural materials for Easter

spring-decoration-ideas-moss-bell jar-feather-eggs-natural materials

Moss is an essential element of any decoration with a natural flair. It can be natural or artificial for purely decorative purposes. A real one from the garden or forest can also be grown at home, of course. Since it is always worth trying, it is at least worth trying. It is best to choose plants that grow on stones or tree trunks and carefully remove the moss with your own fingers.

Decorate with moss balls: Spring decoration for the table, the window sill and the mantelpiece

Decorate with moss balls in spring and ideas for Easter decorations with moss and Easter eggs and flowers

With moss balls you can put together a beautiful and imaginative decoration for the Easter table, the windowsill and the mantelpiece. Together with Easter eggs, fresh spring flowers and grass, the moss balls form a charming ensemble. It looks especially cute when you shape the moss ball like an egg. The “Easter eggs” made of moss can be effectively staged in a bowl using natural materials.

Decorate moss balls in spring: make Kokedama yourself

Decorate moss balls. Make spring kokedama yourself

If you want to decorate with moss balls in spring, then you can make a kokedama yourself. Kokedama comes from Japanese and means “moss ball”. These are practically flowers that are planted in moss balls and that hang in Japanese houses or are arranged in glasses. Kokedamas are very easy to care for and bring a fresh touch to the interior. In principle, you can plant almost any plant in a moss ball, but the Japanese always choose flowers that have a low water requirement. Tulips, for example, are particularly suitable.

Make Kokedama yourself: instructions

Make your own Kokedama out of moss balls. Instructions for spring decorations with fresh flowers

Of course you can find ready-planted moss balls in most florist shops, but you can also make a Kokedama yourself. We’ll explain how to do it. You need a moss ball, floral wire or string, potting soil, secateurs, the flower, a little water and a bowl. First, take a handful of potting soil, add a little water and shape it into a ball. With your index finger, make a hole in the middle and insert the flower into it. Cover the ball with the moss and tie the finished moss ball with the twine.

Make Kokedama yourself: flowers in a decorative bowl made of natural stone

Decorate moss balls arrange spring Kokedama with flowers

You can hang the Kokedamas, but you don’t have to. It looks particularly beautiful when you arrange the freshly planted flowers in a bowl made of natural stone. Decorate the ensemble with ferns and seasonal grasses. It is the perfect long-lasting puristic decoration that will conjure up a spring feeling in your own four walls. It looks super nice when you plant orchids in moss balls, but they need a special substrate.

Decorate with moss balls: a natural touch for the Easter decoration 

Moss balls decorate spring colorful Easter decorations for the mantelpiece yourself

Inspired by the cheerful spring colors, we often tend to create colorful Easter decorations. So that it doesn’t look kitschy, you should set subtle accents in natural colors. Moss balls are a decoration that grounds the colorful ensemble. You can stage the moss balls anywhere you want. They are true all-rounders and look good both as soloists and in groups with Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and the like. And if you want, you can stick fresh flowers in the moss balls.

Making an Easter bunny out of moss: Instructions for spring-like table decorations

Easter bunny made of moss on the Easter table and other decoration ideas for spring to make yourself

Not only simple balls can be formed from moss. You can cover even complicated animal figures with moss. We explain how you can make an Easter bunny out of moss and how you can then display the decorative figure on the Easter table. The handicraft instructions are very simple and suitable for both complete beginners and hobby gardeners. You need the following materials and accessories:

  • Styrofoam Easter bunny
  • fresh flat moss (one layer)
  • Patent clips for fastening the moss
  • Secateurs and floral wire

Make an Easter bunny out of moss as a decoration for the Easter table

This is how it works: First divide the moss into pieces and place it piece by piece on the Easter bunny. Secure the natural material with the patent clips. Continue until you have covered the whole animal figure with it. In addition, you can attach the moss with floral wire. Simply insert the end of the floral wire into the rabbit’s head and use it to wrap the animal figure. The Easter bunny made of moss is ready, now all you have to do is tie a decorative ribbon around your neck.

Making an Easter bunny out of moss: this is how you can effectively display the decoration

Spring decoration with Easter bunny made of moss on the Easter table

Show off the Easter Bunny along with a bouquet of seasonal flowers. Blown Easter eggs, which are color-coordinated with the flowers, also go perfectly with it. This creates a colorful yet subtle ensemble in pastel colors.

Easter bunny made of moss is a real eye-catcher on the Easter table

Table decoration with an Easter bunny made of moss and fresh spring flowers

Easter bunny made of moss: make a garland

Garland of Easter bunny made of moss yourself, instructions and ideas

You can make a colorful garland of Easter bunny silhouettes with significantly less effort. We explain how to do it. You need white cardboard, fresh moss, seasonal flowers, weed blocker fleece and string. To make the garland you need patent clips, scissors and a hole. First, draw an Easter bunny silhouette on the cardboard. Optionally, you can find a template on the Internet, print it out and transfer it to the cardboard. Then cut out the template from the cardboard and the fleece and glue the two together. Make two holes in the rabbit ears. Then place the moss on the fleece and also attach the moss with the patent clips. At the end you can attach the fresh flowers. Pass the twine through the holes and hang the garland.

Make your own Easter bunny out of moss: a spring decoration idea for the mantelpiece

Easter bunny made of moss and moss balls and spring flowers as a decoration for the mantelpiece

Making an Easter bunny out of moss: an overview of the necessary materials

Make an Easter house out of moss, cut out a silhouette and stick it on

Easter bunny made of moss with carrots made of tissue paper and fresh flowers on the table

Making an Easter bunny out of moss Instructions for creative spring decorations

Easter bunny made from moss in a baking pan

Make your own Easter bunny out of moss

Decorate a moss wreath: spring feeling for the house entrance

Moss wreaths decorate spring decorations for the entrance and the front door

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can make an effective Easter and spring decoration for the house entrance yourself. Most florist shops sell ready-made moss wreaths. With a little imagination, you can decorate the moss wreath and prettify the entrance area. We will show you some ideas that can be implemented without much effort and even on a tight budget. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions and conjure up a spring-like, colorful door decoration.

Decorate a moss wreath: butterflies create a happy mood

Tie the spring wreath yourself with moss and decorate with butterflies

Decorate the wicker wreath with moss and blown Easter eggs

Moss wreath decorate spring idea with Easter eggs in blue

Decorate a moss wreath: Spring feeling with fresh seasonal flowers

Moss wreath decorate spring ideas with fabric and natural materials and flowers

Decorate a moss wreath: hang up the birdhouse as an accent

Moss wreath decorate spring ideas with a bird house to make yourself

Decorate a moss wreath: small decorative figures, Easter eggs and a large fabric bow 

Moss wreath decorate spring with Easter eggs and Easter bunny

Easter bunny decorate moss wreath with bow and fresh flowers

Moss wreath decorate spring Easter bunny silhouette with real flowers

Moss in the glass: decoration ideas for the house and garden

Make moss in a glass decoration for Easter yourself with Easter eggs, butterflies and flowers

Moss can not only be planted and imaginatively decorated. You can also use it to create effective seasonal decorations. Whether moss in a jar, or under a bell jar, or maybe in a mason jar: the possibilities are simply endless! And best of all: moss lasts a long time and stays fresh and green for a long time. It can also be combined with both fresh and dried flowers and ornamental grasses. Blown Easter eggs and butterflies made of fabric or paper can also be combined perfectly with moss in the glass.

Moss in a glass: make your own decoration under a bell jar

Make craft ideas yourself with moss in a glass decoration with butterflies and natural materials

A spring-like decoration under a glass bell can be tinkered quickly and easily. You need the following materials:

  • Bell jar or a jam jar
  • Green floral foam
  • Reindeer moss or several types of moss for flower arrangements
  • Branches
  • Butterflies made of fabric or paper
  • Other decorative figures of your choice
  • Floral wire

Make moss in a glass decoration with butterflies yourself instructions

This is how the decoration is made: Shape the floral foam into a hemisphere or cut the floral foam to size so that it fits in the lid of the jam jar or on the glass bell plate. Then stick several tree branches in it. Cut out several small butterflies from colored cardboard and place them on the branches. Optionally, you can buy decorative butterflies from the floristry shop and stick them into the floral foam using floral wire. Then cover the floral foam with the moss.

Moss in a glass: decoration with seasonal flowers

Moss in the glass decoration ideas for Easter and spring for handicrafts

Moss in a glass decoration idea 

Craft ideas for spring decoration in a glass with moss

Spring decoration with moss in a glass or in a lantern 

Moss in a glass decoration ideas for spring with grasses and butterflies made of paper

A moss decoration can not only be conjured up in large glasses, in glass vases or under glass bells. With a little skill you can make charming flower arrangements yourself in lanterns. Combine seasonal green plants, different types of moss and fresh spring flowers and put them in floral foam. Since most of the lanterns are tall, you have more than enough free space for voluminous flower arrangements and you don’t have to trim the stems of the flowers.

Moss in a glass: decoration with lanterns in a lantern 

Moss in the glass decoration ideas lantern with lanterns and flowers

The moss in the glass decoration looks particularly effective if you drape a chain of lights inside. This is how the moss balls and the fresh flowers come into their own. It looks great if you have a lantern with a glass rim, because the metallic color perfectly reflects the light from the chain of lights, creating beautiful lighting effects.

Moss in a glass decoration: make a magic forest lantern in a jam jar

Moss in a glass decorative lantern with fairy lights and a paper fairy silhouette

At the end we will show you an idea for moss in a glass decoration that is suitable for use in the garden. For the DIY project, you’ll need a jam jar, a fairy silhouette that you can cut out of black cardboard, twine, soil, moss, and seasonal grasses. Put some earth at the bottom of the mason jar and glue the cardboard fairy to the bottom with the hot glue. Decorate with moss and stick a small LED lamp on the lid. Decorate the lids with moss and other ornamental grasses. Hang the lantern on a tree or display it on the patio.

Nice eco table decoration for Easter

spring-decoration-ideas-moss-paper-easter-egg-paper mache-table decoration

It is advisable to first treat the natural plant with insect spray and then to place it on the substrate in a flower pot or on a flat container. Regular wetting is part of daily care so that the moss stays fresh green longer. You can also use a spray bottle for this, as well as fertilizers. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Pendant for the Easter tree

Spring decoration ideas moss-bunny-easter-tree-trailer


Spring decoration ideas moss-rabbit-table decoration-spring-daffodil-bucket

Porcelain rabbit figure and decorative balls

table decoration spring decoration ideas easter rabbits moss table runner

Combination with candles and glass bells

Spring decoration ideas moss candlestick balls bell jar

as a basis for flowers

spring decoration flowers deco moss vases orchid bouquet of roses

Moss mat and antique Bird cages

easter spring house decoration table runner moss iron bird cages

Moss balls in the bird cage

spring decoration moss balls antique bird cage organza ribbon

soft bed of greenery for the glass candle holder

spring decoration table decoration candle holder glass table runner moss

spring decor table ideas moss table runner candlelights

Embellish the door wreath with a moss ribbon

spring wreath front door tulips moss tendrils

fresh spring flowers

Spring decoration ideas moss vase narcissus tulips iron frame

make a small bird’s nest

spring decoration ideas moss tendrils nest bird

natural and artificial

mossball table runner vase white hydrangea decoration spring

decorative purpose

moss balls balls decoration zen garden bucket gravel

table decoration ideas easter spring moss table runner fabric napkins

table decoration ideas moss table runner gravel stones spring green

spring decoration table succulents ferns wooden box

spring decoration wreath balls decorative natural

spring decoration rabbits cute figures house garden

spring decoration glass bonboniere birds

spring decoration moss decoration table peonies books

spring decoration birch wood slices jute thread jam jar

spring decoration jam jar rose moss

spring decoration ideas moss table arrange wooden slices candle holder

spring decoration ideas moss pieces tray flowers arrange

spring decoration ideas rustic tray candle holder antique

spring decoration ideas balls candle holder of course

spring decoration ideas ball wood tray white tulips

spring decoration ideas hearts bowl rustic candles

spring decoration ideas moss heart shape loop white

spring decoration ideas rabbit figure tendrils basket hand

Spring decoration ideas glass vase square orchid

spring decoration house glass ball terrarium candle

spring decoration house garden boot shape

spring easter decoration home ideas bird figures

spring easter decoration quail eggs nest underlay

spring easter decoration ideas wreath rabbit figures mantelpiece

spring decoration balls ceramic bowl easter