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30 ideas for spring decorations in a shabby chic look

Ideas for spring decoration shabby-vintage-soup-pot-pink-hyacinths

The shabby chic style brings a feeling of bygone times into the contemporary home. It’s a mix of flea market finds and vintage treasures. The shabby chic look requires more creativity than money, which is accepted as a distinct advantage. In case you are looking for Ideas for spring decoration, which do not require a lot of costs, then you will find it here. Take a look at our small picture gallery and find out why the shabby chic look is so popular.

Ideas for spring decorations in a shabby look

Ideas for spring decoration shabby-vintage-books-peonies

Delicate pastel colors are perfect for spring decorations in a shabby look. Let yourself be inspired by nature – light sky blue nuances, pale pink rose petals, fresh willow green, lilac purple and butter yellow. Cream and white tones provide the ideal backdrop for this color palette.

Shabby chic-inspired ideas for spring decorations

Ideas for spring decoration shabby-teapot-flower-motif-candle

With the Shabby Chic style you can combine different decorations with each other. Even if some cups are missing from your grandma’s porcelain set, the arrangement would still look great. Shop around for vintage teacups and saucers at the flea market. It doesn’t matter if they don’t fit together completely. Put a small bouquet in each cup and arrange them on a side or coffee table.

romantic floral motifs

Ideas for spring decorations shabby-fabrics-floral-motifs-pillows-tablecloths

To give a room the shabby look, you also have to use fabrics in the same style. Tablecloths, pillows, curtains with floral motifs, and carpets with a worn look are perfect for this. Try giving old sheets a vintage look by dyeing them with tea.

a beautiful table runner made of lace

Ideas for spring decorations -shabby-tablecloth-lace runner

Lace fabrics are often seen in shabby chic furnishings, whether as a romantic looking table runner or curtains. Let the first sunshine penetrate the room and look forward to spring with fresh, beautifully scented flowers!

beautiful pink and white tones

spring-decoration-ideas-shabby-table-decoration-porcelain-dishes-strawberries-bouquet of roses

Pussy willow and bulb flowers

Ideas for spring decoration shabby-willow-cat-hyacinth-tealights-moss

small vases and glasses on the console table


a vase full of beautifully scented lilac branches

spring-decoration-ideas-shabby-essimmer-lilac-bouquet-vintage-standing clock

Tulips on the living room table

Ideas for spring decoration shabby-living room-tulip-candles

Ideas for spring decoration shabby cherry blossom branches glass


Ideas for spring decoration shabby table decoration bird cage flower arrangement



Ideas for spring decoration -shabby-table-decoration-rose-tablecloth

spring-decoration-ideas-shabby-style-white-bedroom-bed-metal frame

Ideas for spring decoration shabby-pastel-colored-pendant-lights-solid wood-dining table

Ideas for spring decoration -shabby-look-pillows-floral-motifs-mirrors-decorated-frames

Ideas for spring decoration shabby-pink-painted-bench




spring-decoration-ideas-shabby-table-decoration-white-candlesticks-soft pink

ideas for spring decoration dresser-shabby-chic-white-rose-branches

ideas for spring decoration easter bunny-original-shabby-wall covering-wreath-branches

ideas for spring decoration picture frame-shabby-white-watercolor-flower-picture


ideas-for-spring-decoration-vases-mason jars-design-burlap-blue-flowers-white-textile