Easter & Spring

30 craft ideas with Easter bunnies for home and garden


Decorate your house and garden with these interesting 30 Craft ideas with Easter bunnies. Decorate the table in a festive way and prepare a nice surprise for your family and friends.

Craft ideas with Easter bunnies – festive and interesting table decorations


Decorate your table with Easter eggs, spring flowers and … Easter bunnies. To make the design look more interesting, you can buy several Easter bunnies of the same size / or cut them out of cardboard and paint them with the children / and then hide them in different corners at home and in the garden. Let yourself be inspired by these craft ideas with Easter bunnies and create your own decoration!

Craft idea with Easter bunnies – ideas from the garden


Make a wreath out of green grass and decorate it with little Easter bunnies. Decorate plant pots with Easter bunnies or paint a silhouette of the Easter bunny on different objects – you will prepare a nice surprise for your children.

Craft idea with Easter bunnies – cute for the children

Craft ideas-easter-bunny-decoration-house-garden-flower-pot-bunny-cuddly-toy-flowers

Prepare a party for your children – hide different bags of candy in the shape of an Easter bunny around the house and let the children look for them. Make a figure out of buttons and tie the napkins on the table in such a way that they imitate ears. Decorate the cakes with cute figures – your children will surely love it. You can even decorate different objects with Easter bunny motifs. Let your imagination run wild and create your own decoration

Craft idea with Easter bunnies – Napkins and decorations in green for the table


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