Easter & Spring

27 ideas for a pretty Easter decoration for the veranda or terrace

easter decoration-veranda-outdoor-wreath-picture frame-eggs-artificial-lawn

The Easter decoration should not only please you indoors, but also outside. Decorate your veranda or terrace with beautiful figures and wreaths to match Easter to get even more into the Easter mood. How about a Lainenbanner with an Easter bunny, large baskets and nests with colored eggs. With a few colorful flowers, like Easter bells as Easter decorations for the veranda or terrace give you an even friendlier atmosphere.

Ideas for great Easter decorations for the veranda and front door

easter decoration-veranda-outdoor-country-style-wood-house-door-roofing

Make pretty wreaths from fresh twigs, eggs, flowers and rabbit figures. So that you can really enjoy your pretty veranda or terrace, add a bench with chairs and a table and spend Easter dinner outside in nature. Check out the other ideas.

Easter decorations for the hallway and entrance area

easter decoration-veranda-outdoor-birdhouse-vase-glass-eggs

Easter decorations for the veranda and the entrance area

easter decoration-veranda-outdoor-hide-a-bunny-paper-cardboard-colorful-funny

Easter decorations for the front door – decorative carrots

easter decoration-veranda-outdoor-house-door-moss-cone-carrots

Easter wreath with felt flowers for re-tinkering

Felt floral wreath colorful decorating ideas to tinker with

Ribbons and Easter eggs as shrub decorations 

Shrub decoration Flower arrangement-branches Easter tinker ideas

Homemade decoration made of fabric

Veranda easter decorate easter bunny decoration ideas motifs

Spring wreath with bows and Easter eggs

Easter wreath vines-tie twigs-decorate blown out Easter eggs

Decoration ideas for an Easter party on the terrace

Garland decoration party on terrace-veranda Easter tinker

Attach felt Easter eggs to the chain of lights

Easter decoration colorful garland ideas-fairy lights Easter wreath door veranda

Easter basket door wreath

Easter basket door decoration re-create easter wreath ideas jewelry

Craft ideas for decoration on the terrace

Easter decorations for outside flower pots - homemade carrots

Easter decorations for the veranda

Veranda seating group decorate upholstery table decoration Easter

Design a letterbox as a highlight outside

mailbox decorating flowers easter decoration colorful floral arrangement

Easter decoration ideas for outside

Easter party decorations for-garden front door veranda

Front door decoration easter nests remodel branches flowers

Easter ideas terrace table decorations flower decoration

Easter wreath door decoration Easter eggs ideas veranda terrace balcony

Easter decor home entrance hall porch patio ideas

Easter bunny figure decoration ideas porch garden table easter

Decoration entrance bouquet arrangement ideas easter spring

Easter jewelry for outside porch jewelry easter bunny ideas

Easter flowers for the porch Easter bunny figure Easter eggs

entrance door-glass decorating-easter wreath egg wreath

brick wall veranda-terrace house entrance-easter bunny jewelry

Luminous deco outdoor Easter bunny stairs outdoor