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25 Easter card ideas to tinker with children

Easter cards ideas buttons-decorative-ribbon-garland

In addition to chocolate eggs, delicious Easter cookies and the good time you spend with your loved ones, Easter handicrafts and homemade Easter cards are an absolute must. We’re going to show you a few today Easter cards ideas, which are suitable for beginners and children. If desired, they can also be decorated with more complicated elements.

Easter cards ideas with Easter bunnies

Easter cards ideas felt-rabbit-po-bluemchen

This cute and cuddly bunny is made of felt and glued to the front of the card. You can use other materials to create the bunny, as long as you complete it with a large, fluffy pompom! Surround the bunny with beautiful colorful flowers and your Easter card is ready!

Easter cards ideas with sheep

easter cards ideas landscape-meadows-felt-sheep

There is nothing better than opening a beautiful self-made Easter card. This cute greeting card with sheep can be made quickly and easily with children! All you need is colored cardboard, felt, double-sided adhesive tape and beautiful Easter stickers.

Easter egg card


Glitter will continue to be very popular in 2015 and will add a touch of glamor to your card. Cut small triangles out of glitter paper in gold and sky blue craft paper. They are glued on a white paper egg. The decoration is completed with a cord loop.

White felt bunny


You can cut out any motifs from felt. Such a rabbit head, which you can then decorate with pearls. The shape of this example is also special. A round card was designed.

Use nice textured paper


Pretty paper with relief was used in these two Easter card ideas. The result is a romantic 3D effect, which is wonderful for Easter and is particularly popular with the children. This makes tinkering even more fun.

Paper Easter eggs with relief


Here is another interesting idea that uses paper like this. Just cut out egg-shaped shapes and glue them onto cardboard. You are also welcome to add other decorations such as pearls. Finally, think about an interesting greeting and the self-made card is ready to be given away.

Easter bunny and chick

easter-cards-ideas-rabbit-chicks-wiggle eyes

colorful Easter egg on the front of the card










Easter cards ideas colorful-idea-flower-pattern-children-inspiration-bunny

Easter cards ideas pattern-paper-colorful-colors-easter-eggs-tinker