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25 cool egg cup designs for the perfect Easter table decoration

Egg cup-designs-easter-table-decoration-oak-bunny-shape-breakfast

Easter is approaching and you have to plan everything well. Which painting technique will you use for the eggs this year? How many guests will you invite? What dishes are you going to prepare? Finally, how are you going to decorate the table? We’ve already presented you with some inspirations and suggestions on the subject, but today we’re going to focus on one particular detail – the egg cups. A beautifully painted Easter egg deserves an equally beautiful “throne”. We have 25 cool ones Egg cup designs put together that will marvel you and also make you smile.

Egg cup designs made of oak from Hop & Peck


These designs range from fun to modern and innovative. 3D printed, made of metal, with an integrated magnet for the spoon – the egg cups are reinterpreted by designers. For those who want to create a more casual atmosphere at the table, there are still funny designs such as egg cups with chick feet, with a mustache and glasses or in the shape of a tank and a bra. The smile of your guests is guaranteed.

Hen egg cups


Heart shaped egg stand


Tractor egg holder


Egg cup designs by WMF – MR.Egg

WMF egg cup designs mr egg blue hold a spoon

Spotty Chicken 

easter table decoration idea egg cup designs elements Spotty Chicken

Hatch egg cups by Michael Schafler and Mads Hansen

hatch egg cup modern design Michael Schafler Mads Hansen

King Henry of DesignK

egg cup designs easter table decorations crowns king henry designk

Atomium by Christian Ghion for Alessi

egg cup designs easter table decoration Atomium yellow Christian Ghion Alessi

 Jean Patrique

egg cup design metal spiral Jean Patrique

“Bad Egg Cup”

egg cup cool easter table decoration glasses mustache


Eggsplode egg cup tank green children joy helmet

egg cup design white porcelain cool easter table deco

3D printed egg cups from Gijs Studio  modern egg cup designs 3d printed easter idea

egg cup designs easter table decoration Gijs 3d printer red

Hold On by Doreen Westphal Studio

hold on egg cup doreen westphal studio

Ole Jensen Dent design for Muuto

egg shell set salt ole jensen dent design muuto

DNS from Opresco

egg cup design white easter table deco DNA structure opresco

Egg cult from Maren Witopil

egg cup designs easter table concrete spoon egg cult Maren Witopil

Egg³ from Fashion product designcool design egg cups modern Egg³ Mode Product Design

Egg Soldiers

Egg Soldiers breakfast set porcelain children’s joy

Silicone egg cups from Mocha

silicone egg cup colorful colors easter mocha

Flat Packed by Kaigami

egg cup design fold green color Flat Packed Kaigami  Flat packed egg cups fold colorful Kaigami

“Naughty But Nice”

funny egg cup Naughty But Nice Boobie red bra design

“Standing-Sitting Chick” by FlouSH

egg cup easter table decoration flouSH seated chicks

Mangiauovo by Alessi

egg cup designs easter table decoration Alessi Mangiauovo blue smiley

Baby bunny by Hop & Peck

Easter table decoration egg cup designs hop peck baby bunny oak wood

egg cup rabbit ears oak wood cool design