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109 free Easter cards with Easter greetings and original craft ideas

Easter is approaching and, like every year, the search for the right greeting card is great fun for many people. Because at Easter Easter cards are often painted, tinkered, decorated with eggs and happy spring motifs, given away and sent! The excitement is great, especially with children. Would you like to make an original greeting card for Easter yourself or free Easter cards send? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Here you will find a huge selection of funny and original Easter cards with Easter greetings, with chicks, funny Easter bunnies, Easter eggs to color in, religious Easter greetings and last but not least – great craft ideas! let yourself be inspired!

When is easter?

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Anyone who has ever asked themselves this question may be interested in how the Easter date is actually calculated and why it varies every year. Easter is one of the moving Christian holidays and is based on the first full moon after the beginning of spring (March 21). Easter is then celebrated on the first Sunday after these two deadlines.

Tinker Easter cards: 7 charming DIY ideas with motif paper

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Make effective washi tape Easter cards with children

Free Easter cards for spring mood

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Everyone is happy to receive a greeting card with spring greetings and Easter motifs. Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are symbols of fertility and should not be missing at Easter – be it for the Easter decorations or as a highlight on the Easter menu!

Print out the motif for the Easter card

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Here is an example of free Easter cards with colored eggs that you can print out. The red border in the dot pattern is also pretty. The advantage is that if you don’t like the red border, you can simply cut it off after printing.

Retro Easter card

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Easter wishes 

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