Easter & Spring

108 ideas on how to color, decorate and design Easter eggs

What would Easter be without the Easter eggs! So that the spring and Easter mood finally comes home, you need a colorful egg arrangement. The eggs and figures can be designed with a lot of creativity – those who like it traditional can do theirs coloring Easter eggs and paint, those who like to do handicrafts can attach stickers or cover the eggs with felt or tie them with thread, write slogans and lettering on them – and so much more is possible. You have absolute design freedom.

Easter eggs coloring pattern ideas colorful colors flowers

Browse through our gallery and be inspired for your individual egg design! All you need is some manual skill and a lot of imagination.

Design Easter eggs with colors

Easter eggs coloring roses painting romantic idea light blue pink purple

You can either dye your eggs yourself or buy them ready-made. It is nicer, however, if you design the Easter eggs according to your own ideas and ideas, so that each egg is presented as a highlight. You can do the Easter custom of coloring eggs together with your children – it will be a lot of fun for them. This is how it works: Place warm hard-boiled eggs in a dye bath and let sit for 3-4 minutes. When the desired color intensity is achieved, place the eggs in the paper towel to blot off the excess color. You can paint the eggs with Easter paint and a brush and attach creative or Easter patterns and figures.

Painting Easter eggs with hot glue – ideas for chickens- & Plastic eggs with instructions

Funny painting Easter eggs with dessert motifs – ideas for ice cream, donuts and macaroons

Painting Easter eggs with watercolors – pretty DIY ideas

Decorate Easter eggs – implement creative ideas

Easter eggs colors modern geometric colorful gold stripes white

Everywhere that Easter is celebrated, the festive week is a popular time for handicrafts. In addition to all the traditional Easter decorations, there are many beautiful ideas from other countries that are easy to imitate and conjure up a very special atmosphere on the Easter table. There are different traditions in the different countries, but they can also festively decorate houses and apartments at Easter time. Why not take a look into the distance – implement a decoration idea from Scandinavia, the Mediterranean or the Balkans?

Decorate blown Easter eggs

dye easter eggs yarn pastel tones wrap idea simply glue

There are several techniques you can use to shape the blown eggs. You can carefully pierce the blown Easter eggs with a needle. You have to be very careful with the eggs as they are very fragile. Another possibility would be to apply glue to the egg and carefully wrap it with wool or yarn. You can also paint your eggs creatively with felt-tip pens, as well as attach landscapes and Easter motifs to them.

Great decoration ideas and handicraft tips

paint easter eggs blow out hang easter bouquet motifs vintage heart

To hang up your homemade eggs, you should make a hole in the middle of the egg and carefully insert thread of thread into the hole. The self-made arrangement with Easter eggs can be hung decoratively on a bush.

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Shrub decoration

Coloring easter eggs, decorating-jewelry ideas-with yarn-felt scraps of fabric

You can create the effect of Easter eggs wrapped in wool by coloring such rings. You also use wool for this. Roughly wrap the wool around the eggs so that there are always gaps that are colored when dipped into the color. After that, take the egg out of the paint and remove the wool thread. Then repeat this as often as you want with other colors until you get the pattern you want. Alternatively, you can also color the egg in a certain color and paint the rings with a brush. Then it is best to use water-based paints.

paint Easter eggs

Painting colorful Easter eggs techniques - make decoration ideas yourself

Decoration ideas for Easter eggs

Abstract drawing Easter eggs painting ideas 2014 trends

Design eggs with Easter paint

traditional egg ideas with Easter bunny-painted by hand

Tinker Easter eggs

lively males paint-draw ideas-easter eggs decorate pictures

Make Easter decorations yourself

Glue on the blown out Easter egg decorations eyes plastic

Crafting with felt

Table decoration - Easter eggs ideas - paint with a felt pen

Prepare for the Easter egg hunt

Easter bunny ideas make yourself easter egg decoration-animal lovers tinker jewelry

Create ideas for Easter eggs

Eggs spring easter decorate ideas colorful Easter basket

Easter eggs pictures

Cut out decorative figures Butterflies Easter egg ideas write sayings

Tips for decorating Easter eggs

Decorative ideas, tinker Easter eggs decorate clothing-yarn-red ribbon

Design Easter eggs

Decoration ideas easter eggs-paint-dye-with glitter brocade

Decoration techniques 

Decoupage decorate simple ideas-easter eggs leaves

Religious egg decoration

Tinker religious motifs on Easter eggs

Traditional motifs

Eastern European blown eggs pattern Yarn floral motifs

Simple craft idea

Handicrafts-Easter-eggs-sticking strips-attaching-spring-decorating

Decorate Easter eggs with colorful wrapping paper

tinker ideas easter eggs-original tinker easter basket

Use Easter paint for patterns

religious orthodox motifs-on Easter-eggs-ideas-coloring eggs

Vintage design

Traditional-easter-egg-coloring Make your own bunny decorations

Winter motifs

star pattern-attaching-coloring-easter eggs colors trends

Write sayings on the eggs

Lettering sayings easter decorate simply

Punch out the figures and attach them 

creative ideas table decorations easter eggs figurines flowers

Blown eggs

shiny decoration easter eggs gold effective design

make a simple decoration, tie your own egg and snowdrop wreath

Easter egg tinker egg cup simple tricks Easter chick egg warmer

Rocailles beads decorate colorful Easter eggs decoration ideas 2014

Easter decoration to imitate-tinker Easter egg decoration out of paper

Easter decorations ideas tinker Easter eggs ribbon colorful

Decoration techniques Easter eggs modern design decoupage

simple Easter egg design silhouettes black and white

Make easter chickens - blow out easter eggs, decorate feathers - felt

Easter eggs - watercolor paint effect - rural motifs - decorate ideas

Easter-eggs-decoration-ideas-animal prints-attach decoupage

Easter tinker-ideas-coloring eggs dab-tempera color-ideas

Easter eggs silver shimmer particles decorative pattern decoupage

blown out easter eggs jewelry felt to tinker with ideas

Easter eggs-ideas-simply tinker with original decorations

Easter egg design stick on vintage pattern table decoration ideas

effects when decorating easter eggs for spring tinkering

Creative egg design egg cup craft ideas

spring colorful decoration with easter eggs ideas easter pattern chicks

doodled-easter-eggs decorate-design-ideas-black and white

design-ideas-easter eggs design-black hand-art

easter eggs-simple tricks ideas black and white minimalistic

Coloring shiny easter eggs pink classic color technique

Ideas-male with mustache-tinker with eggs-easter decoration black

Ideas-for-painting-Easter-eggs-graphic-drawings-funny faces

brocade particle-swab stripes-easter-eggs-decoration-ideas

Decorations-ideas Easter-spring-painting-design

Easter eggs-ideas-decoration ideas modern-2014 mustache

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prisoner clothes deco-ideas-funny-easter-eggs-ideas modern

artistic-ideas-for decorating bright colors

traditional-idea-decoration for easter eggs design geometrically

easter egg pictures animal figures easy tinker ideas

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funny cartoon heroes film heroes easter eggs pictures suggestions

easter-eggs-pictures-modern art-bird motifs decoration easter imitate

easter-egg-painting-art abstract motifs

Easter egg decorating-art funny-grimaces drawing-ideas

Craft time-ideas-drawing men-caricatures-decorating eggs

funny easter eggs decoration grimace Easter packaging design

simple-ideas-easter-eggs-tinker males to imitate

pictures-easter-eggs-ideas color painting techniques creatively

creative ideas-pictures-easter-eggs-decoration-with postage-colorful

decoration-ideas-for blown-out-easter-eggs-white lace

abstract art on easter eggs decoration ideas painting techniques egg carton

traditional folklore pattern easter eggs



Creative design of Easter bunny-ideas-gold foil eggs

simple handmade easter eggs trimmed with brocade

Easter eggs-with thread decorate decoration-ideas-table-easter

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easter wreath design bird feather motifs-easter eggs crafting tips-ideas-2014

classic decorations-patterns-easter-eggs-with-brush-painting-ideas

Blown-out-easter-eggs-decorate painting-techniques-ideas

easter eggs-ideas-maritime-motifs asterisk easter nest

Easter-eggs-coloring-pictures-ideas-silhouettes-white red Easter bunny

Easter-eggs-simple-idea-pictures with yarn-wrapped-colorful-children-colorful

Easter eggs-swab-paper arrangement-table decoration-idea

easter eggs-simple tricks pictures-decoupage technique-decorate

tinkering easter eggs simple tricks-decorating-ideas-easter baskets

Tinker bush decorations with felt-Easter-eggs-hang

male-painting design decoration-ideas easter table

simple tricks easter eggs-with brocade-completely occupied-gorgeous

ideas-for motifs-easter-eggs-plain-colors-dyeing technicken-silhouettes

ideas-easter-eggs-painting jewelry-table table arrangement

Egg cup ceramic stand eggs design ideas

deco ideas for easter-spring-easter eggs-making tricks easy

decorating easter eggs easy easy to make egg cups

Easter eggs-colorful decorate stickers-attach Easter basket table decoration


Easter egg cups make baskets with pearl decorations

decorate-ideas blown-easter-eggs-decorate-wrap


decorate with scraps of fabric easter spring tinker easter eggs

Decoration ideas Easter eggs design color simple tricks

original decoration eggs easter spring ideas mug

orthodox easter eggs traditional motifs watercolor tempera painting