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Easter ideas 2019: 10 DIY projects for spring-like decorations and giveaways

Easter ideas 2019 handicraft projects Easter bunny chick Easter eggs

For Easter we have put together 10 new Easter ideas 2019 for you. The spring-like Easter decorations and the sweet giveaways ensure a good mood and a festive atmosphere in the house. Surprise the family with a door wreath made of wool, decorate the children’s room with a colorful garland made of motif paper, beautify the living area with an Easter egg made of buttons or make a flying cup with the children. Incidentally, homemade items can also be given away: In the article you will find several handicraft instructions for small gifts and packaging.

Easter ideas 2019: make a door wreath out of wool

Craft ideas for Easter door wreath fabric flowers yarn foam ring

A colorful door wreath makes the house entrance hospitable and inviting. We offer you an idea for a durable decoration: Our wreath is made of wool and decorated with fabric flowers, satin ribbons, buttons and mushrooms made of wood.

Craft ideas for Easter knitting yarn door wreath yourself make materials

Required materials:

Styrofoam wreath

Knitting yarn (different colors)

Satin ribbons (different colors)

Buttons (different colors)

Fabric flowers

Decorative mushrooms

Decorative ladybug

hot glue


Craft ideas Easter door wreath Knitting yarn Styrofoam wreath instructions


1. Wrap the wool around the styrofoam wreath.

2. Cut the satin ribbons into 40 cm long pieces. Tie the decorative ribbons into bows and attach them to the wreath with the hot glue.

Handicraft ideas Easter door wreath tie yourself cotton thread instructions

3. Put the finished wreath aside and let it dry and decorate the next day with buttons, fabric flowers and small decorative figures. Mushrooms and ladybugs made of wood, for example, are perfect.

Craft ideas for Easter knitting yarn door wreath tinker ideas colorful

Easter ideas 2019: make a garland out of motif paper

Easter ideas 2019 children garland motif paper

Soft pastel nuances such as pink and sky blue are ideal for the children’s room. In the next handicraft project we will show you how you can conjure up a festive atmosphere with a sweet garland in opaque colors. The cute Easter bunny silhouettes ensure that the anticipation for Easter is even greater.

Easter ideas 2019 garland Easter bunny motif paper

Required materials:

Motif paper (different colors)

Eva foam board (various colors)

Pom-poms (four small and four medium-sized)



hot glue

String or string

Easter ideas 2019 Easter crafts children garland Easter bunny instructions


1. Print out a template for the Easter bunny. Transfer the rabbit silhouette nine times onto motif paper and cut it out.

2. Fasten the small pom-poms to the rabbit’s head as a nose, glue the other four medium-sized pom-poms to the bottom as a rabbit’s tail.

Easter ideas 2019 garland Easter bunny pompons motif paper

3. Thread the Easter bunny silhouettes made of motif paper on a cord or string.

Easter ideas 2019: 3D image with an Easter egg motif made of buttons

Easter ideas 2019 3D picture Easter egg make yourself

In a small apartment there is hardly any space left for imaginative decorations. Fortunately, there are space-saving alternatives to Easter baskets and Co. We show you how you can make a 3D picture with an Easter egg out of buttons.

Required materials:

Photo frame


Colored paper



hot glue


Easter ideas 2019 Instructions for gluing Easter egg buttons for children


1. Cut a square out of yellow colored paper (it should be the same size as the picture frame). Draw an Easter egg in the middle.

2. Stick on the Easter egg with buttons of different sizes. Showcase the finished Easter decorations in a stylish picture frame. If you wish, you can also give away the 3D image.

Easter ideas 2019 Easter egg buttons picture frames

Easter ideas 2019: making chicks out of paper

Easter ideas 2019 fold paper bird yourself motif paper

These cute chicks made of motif paper also take up little space and are great mood makers for the Easter table. You can also use them as invitation cards for the Easter brunch.

Easter ideas 2019 materials tinker paper bird

Required materials:

Motif paper (2 designs)

Colored paper, red

Googly eyes, 2 pcs.

Craft wire




PVC tape


hot glue

Easter ideas 2019 paper bird folding instructions


1. Draw a circle with a compass on the motif paper, cut it out and fold it in the middle.

2. Draw a wing on another sheet of motif paper, cut it out and glue it onto the semicircle.

3. Cut a triangle out of the red colored paper for the beak.

Easter ideas 2019 Easter crafts children paper bird instructions

4. Make the bird’s feet out of floral wire and fix with the PVC adhesive tape.

5. Glue two or three feathers together for the bird’s tail and attach them to the back.

Easter ideas 2019 paper bird feathers motif paper children

Easter ideas 2019: make the flying cup yourself

flying cup Easter ideas 2019 tinkering instructions

Flying cups offer numerous design options and are therefore very popular. The next arrangement with Easter eggs can be effectively staged both in the garden and in the house.

Easter ideas 2019 materials flying cup artificial flowers

Required materials:

Teacup and saucer


Artificial flowers

Artificial plants

artificial moss

Plastic Easter eggs

Decorative mushrooms

Decorative ladybug

Glass plate

Acrylic paint (various colors)

paint brush


hot glue

Easter ideas 2019 flying cup fork instructions ideas


1. Bend the fork with the pliers. Glue one end to the saucer and the other end to the cup. In addition, attach the cup to a glass plate with craft glue and let it dry.

Decorating Easter ideas 2019 flying cup instructions

2. As soon as the construction is stable, you can start decorating. Cover the fork with artificial moss, arrange plastic Easter eggs and fabric flowers on top. Place smaller fabric blossoms in the cup. Decorate with decorative wooden ladybirds.

Easter bunny in a pot – funny decoration idea for Easter

Easter ideas 2019 souvenirs make small gifts yourself

Welcome spring with a fun decoration in bright colors. The next handicraft project leaves plenty of room for creativity and promises nice handicraft hours for the whole family.

Easter ideas 2019 materials Easter bunny pot

Required materials:

plant pot

Artificial flowers

artificial moss

Felt, pink and white



hot glue

Knitting yarn, white

Easter crafts 2019 Easter bunny pompons plant pot


1. Wrap the knitting yarn around your hand and then tie it in the middle with a piece of thread.

2. Cut open the loops at both ends. Cut the finished pompom with the scissors.

3. Then decorate the flower pot with the artificial moss and fabric flowers.

Easter crafts 2019 Easter bunny pot instructions

5. Cut out the Easter bunny paws from the white felt. Cut out four circles from the felt in pink and glue them to the paws.

6. Attach the finished rabbit paws to the flower pot with the glue gun.

7. Place the large wool pompom in the flower pot and decorate with the small pompom.

Easter ideas 2019 Easter bunny pot artificial flowers decoration children tinker

Easter ideas 2019: make flowers out of paper yourself

Easter crafts flowers paper making instructions

Paper flowers have a decorative effect and can set accents on the children’s table. Origami flowers have been very popular in recent years, but they are usually elaborate and complicated, and are suitable for more experienced craft enthusiasts. If you are looking for a child-friendly alternative, you will find it here. Colored paper, glue, a kebab skewer and scissors – that’s all you need for our imaginative arrangement.

Easter ideas 2019 paper flowers tape scissors materials

Required materials:

Crepe paper 50 cm x 10 cm

double-sided tape

Masking tape, green

Shish kebab skewer made of wood


Glass vase

Easter ideas 2019 paper flower make yourself instructions


1. Cut narrow fringes into the paper. Do not cut through the crepe paper completely, but leave a narrow edge (3 cm).

2. Wrap the kebab skewer with the masking tape.

3. Attach the finished flower to one end of the kebab skewer.

4. Arrange the finished flowers in a vase.

Easter ideas 2019 paper flowers Easter crafts children paper

Make souvenirs for Easter: gift box with sweets

Gift box bunny ears tinker ideas Easter

When Easter is just around the corner, many people are looking for small gifts with which to surprise family and friends. We offer you an idea for a box for sweets. The children in particular will be happy about it.

Easter ideas 2019 gift box Easter bunny tinker materials

Required materials:

Motif paper 20 cm x 20 cm


double-sided tape

Styrofoam plate, white

Styrofoam plate, pink


Make a gift box Instructions Step 1


  1. Place a sheet of motif paper in front of you, the white side facing up. Fold the corners of the sheet towards the center.
  2. Fold the top and bottom edges to the middle as well.

How to make a gift box? Instructions for step 2

3. Now fold back the edges and fold the right and left edges to the middle.

4. Fold out the lower and upper corners completely, press in the sides a little and fold up the two tips.

Make a gift box Instructions Step 3 Fold the motif paper

5. Fold the top and then the bottom tip into the box.

Fold the gift box Instructions Step 4 Glue the rabbit ears on

6. Cut out rabbit ears from paper and stick them to the box with the double-sided adhesive tape. Fill the box with sweets.

Gift box Easter bunny ears handicrafts children souvenirs

Making an Easter egg out of wool – instructions

Easter ideas 2019 Easter egg yarn make yourself and fill sweets

The last craft project that we present to you today is for a wool Easter egg. Suitable as a spring-like decoration or, if filled with sweets, as a present.

Easter ideas tinker materials balloons adhesive yarn

Required materials:







Easter egg yarn crafting instructions glue


1. Put some craft glue in a bowl and mix 3: 1 with water. Mix well until you get a sticky mass without lumps. Dip the wool in the glue.

2. Inflate a balloon and wrap the wool around it. let dry.

Make Easter egg adhesive sewing thread yourself

3. Cut the balloon with scissors or burst with a needle and then carefully remove it from the sturdy cover. Decorate the finished egg with satin ribbon and fill it with sweets.

Easter ideas 2019 Easter egg yarn tinkering instructions

Make a bunny with a bobble head

Easter bunny witch stairs do it yourself instructions



Marker, black

Marker, pink

Pompons 2 pcs.

Googly eyes


hot glue



Easter bunny Easter ideas 2019 tinker paper witch stairs bobble head


1. Cut out a rectangle measuring 29.7 cm x 6 cm from the paper.

2. Cut out the hare’s paws and head from the paper, draw the hare’s face and glue the googly eyes.

3. Slightly arch the rectangle and glue it to the rabbit paws.

4. Cut out a small rectangle and fold it like a harmonica. Glue one narrow side of the smaller rectangle to the body of the rabbit. Attach the other narrow side to the rabbit head.

5. Attach the pompoms.

Easter bunny witch's staircase ideas tinker instructions paper