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The slate facade makes this house an unusual piece of jewelry

Night lighting house facade pool lawn area

Building a house on a building plot on a hillside is not only more complex, it also requires the development of individual solutions that are geared towards efficiency. Today we are showing you a completed home renovation project in Portugal. The old dry stone walls made of flat layered rock are cleverly embedded in the architecture and create an interesting contrast to the modern facade cladding. The two-storey house is completely covered with a slate facade, while large glass surfaces open up a view of the surrounding landscape.

House with a slate facade – the project at a glance

Night lighting wall lights indirect ceiling lighting

The property extends over an area of ​​1697 m². Of the 1697 m² of land, only 600 m² could be built on, as the rest of the land is part of a nature reserve. The old house, which had a total area of ​​about 300 m², was demolished.

The building plot is located on a steep west-east slope, which is divided into two structures with a total height difference of nine meters. The house is below street level and opens to the beautiful farmland that extends across the street.

The slate facade creates a seamless connection between the individual structures

Night lighting slate facade modern monopitch roof

The building consisted of a house, a threshing floor in the south and a granary. The house was built with thick slate walls, the upper floor and the threshing floor were clad with slate. The architects decided to demolish the upper floor and keep the lower floor and the slates from the threshing floor. In this way, the new house blends in harmoniously with its surroundings.

Stairways and floors made of natural stone contrast modern straps

The house has a floor space of 643.20 m² on three floors.

Floor 0 (level -2, below street level) has been renovated and expanded. It houses the main rooms and a terrace. The new is in harmony with the old.

The 1st floor (the mezzanine) is arranged around the larger terrace and is used for the daily life of the family. In the north, the entrance leads to the covered parking lot and the residents enter the kitchen through a corridor. The rooms have a view of the courtyard to the south.

Natural stone concrete stairs concrete ceiling

Floor 2, visible from the street, is used for relaxation. It partially overlaps with the first floor and protrudes over the entrance area and the terrace. It is divided into three bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Because of the flat roof construction, a kind of viewing terrace is created at street level, which is oriented towards the horizon.

Architects: NoArq

Location: Santo Tirso, Portugal

Architect: José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira

Construction area: 643.0 m²

Project year: 2018

Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG + SG

Slate facade without ventilation pool lawn area

Slate facade model house on a hillside Dynamic architecture

Slate facade modern brick slips without ventilation metal railing

Slate facade modern architecture single-family house

Slate facade terrace covering uniform overall appearance

Slate facade long brick slips laid horizontally lawn

Sliding glass doors inside outside scrap slate lawn

Slate facade modern strappy flat roof house on a slope metal railing

Slate straps panels and scrap in combination

Slate straps laid horizontally, floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors

Slate brick modern facade exterior

Slate brick facade, terrace covering, uniform appearance

floor to ceiling glazing modern house blue armchair beige curtains

Slate facade without ventilation, large window, square shape

Night lighting wall lights roof scrap slate

Night lighting terrace facade slate texture

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Concrete ceiling patio roofing lawn trees

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House renovation contrast old and new tree courtyard

Dry stone wall old modern house renovation

Garage mirror glass sliding doors slate cladding facade terrace floor

House on the hillside architecture Wavy green lawn

Facade and terrace clad with slate foundations natural stone

Flat roof viewing platform slate slabs stairs

Facade with slate brick cladding natural stone floor window square

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Floor plan house on a slope, room distribution

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