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A town house in London that is characterized by natural light impresses with its minimalist furnishings

Natural light in architecture and especially in your own home plays an important role for everyone and is therefore one of the basic requirements when it comes to planning your own four walls. And if you build your house from scratch, you can easily have everything that is important designed and planned. But if you decide instead for a finished and old house, things will look very different. Because then you have to watch how you use the existing one optimally or change it.

Natural light, open living rooms and stairs and light sources as discreet decoration

The owners of this modern house, which was originally a Victorian-style building from 1851 and is located in London, United Kingdom, faced the same challenge. Above all, the poor lighting conditions, but also the room layout in the manner typical of this style, bothered the builders, so a solution had to be found. The architects from FLOW Architects helped them with a rather radical decision: In order to receive natural light and open living spaces, the house had to be almost completely demolished and rebuilt.

Natural light with a waterfall effect

Natural light in high rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows

The project, which was supposed to bring natural light into dark rooms, lives up to its name “Light Falls”. Because like a real waterfall, the effect of cascades is created, except that here natural light cascades into the living space and merges the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Since the building is located in a nature reserve, the outer facade had to be retained. In this way the Victorian style could in some ways be retained and combined with the modern interior.

Large windows as natural light sources

Natural light in the living rooms thanks to large sliding doors and windows

A light-flooded inner courtyard forms the center of the house. This, as well as the open staircase, allow the light to easily illuminate the rooms. In the dining area, which is directly connected to the open kitchen, as well as the living room, this is also achieved through high windows. The whole thing is also supported by the use of light materials in wood color, white and light gray tones. Dark colors only serve as an accent here and there.

Natural light in the minimalist living spaces

Stylish furnishings in subtle colors and with modern pieces of furniture

The combination of straight lines and shapes and organic, sinuous ones is also striking. While the kitchen and a large part of the rest of the furniture, including the built-in cupboards, are characterized by straight lines, the stairs and some wood accents on the ceiling show themselves in rounded, wave-like shapes that are almost sculptural. In the evening hours, numerous artificial light sources create the necessary ambience, including indirect lighting, but also modern pendant and ceiling lights.

The garden

City garden with cobblestone garden path

In the garden, it’s not just the large walnut tree that catches the eye. There, too, the decision was made to use organic shapes instead of straight paths and geometrically shaped beds. The small terrace is on a lower level than the garden, which is reached via a staircase. White concrete frames the beds and forms an attractive accent to the gray paving stones. Another nice contrast here are the lush flower beds.

Lush flower beds in a city garden and designed with white concrete

Take a closer look at the impressive house design, which not only impresses with natural light, and get an impression of the breathtaking work of the architects. Take a look into the bright living rooms and let yourself be inspired by the minimalist and stylish furnishings and decoration!

Designer built-in wardrobe and open staircase

Indirect light in the seating area with a brown sofa as a color accent

White walls and natural wood

Natural light creates bright living spaces in a minimalist house

Light bar for indirect light in the ceiling

Wall unit idea to close for a simple and minimalist look

Minimalist kitchen cabinets in white

Minimalist white kitchen with tall oven and built-in cupboards

Monochrome kitchen design in gray and white

Modern monochrome kitchen in white and gray with stone worktop

Bedroom with privacy screen made of wood

Bedroom in natural colors and privacy screen on the wooden window

Subtle and stylish decorations

Subtle decorations in pleasant colors - tapestry and blue-gray sofa

Wall system with organic shapes

Straight and organic lines merge in the minimalist interior

Large skylight for natural light

A window was built into the roof so that natural light can penetrate the interior

Spiral staircase with an organic design

Natural wood spiral staircase with an open design allows natural light in the house

Light laminate and large windows create a friendly atmosphere

Attractive hallway with built-in wardrobe and laminate

Decorative pendant lights in industrial style

Pendant lights in industrial style in the dining room

London townhouse combines modern and Victorian styles

Open staircase design with a winding railing

Open room design as a solution for originally dark rooms

Natural light is reflected off white walls in a minimalist style

Natural and indirect light in one: the steps are at a distance from the wall, through which light penetrates

Combination of natural and indirect light in the stair area

Narrow house with a clever design

London house modern renovated with skylight

Monochrome bathroom in gray and with a large mirror

Modern bathroom in gray with copper accents and a large mirrored wall

Elegant metallic accents in the bathroom

Bathroom with modern elements and minimalist design

Victorian brick facade

Natural light in a Victorian style house

Ground floor plan

Natural light in a narrow townhouse - floor plan of the first floor

Floor plan first floor

Floor plan of the mezzanine floor with a seating area to relax and a glass railing

Plan of the roof

Plan with a view of the roof and the garden from above

House in side view

Natural light in the basement and dark rooms thanks to the practical interior design

The house has 5 floors, some of which are underground

House in side view with cascading design of the floors

Optimal use of the narrow property area

Comfortable city life in Light Falls by the architects at Flow Architecture

3D view

Underground and above-ground house construction for maximum use of the property

Design by Flow Architecture.