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Wooden terrace with swing seamlessly connects inside and outside – holiday home with Japanese architecture

wooden terrace swing house hillside

A modern holiday home in the middle of the forest blends in harmoniously with the surroundings – the architectural work of art was inspired by the typical Japanese villa, but the traditional concept has been modernized. The interplay between architecture and nature inspired the architects at Sugawaradaisuke for their project – protrusions into the facade give the building an interesting silhouette, generous glass fronts allow plenty of sunlight into the interior, and a small wooden terrace with a swing invites you to relax. The two-story house was built on several levels, allowing seamless transition between the different living areas. Each level fulfills several functions at the same time and thus ensures optimal living comfort even in limited living space.

Holiday home in the middle of the forest combines traditional Japanese architecture with modern room concepts

wooden terrace swing wooden facade gable roof

The compact construction volume is inspired by the traditional Japanese holiday home – the gable roof and the two floors, the facade clad in wood and the small wooden terrace in front of the entrance are typical of Asian architecture. The upper floor forms a protective roofing over the ground floor for the wooden terrace with a swing. The light wood grain of the terrace is an attractive color contrast to the otherwise dark facade. At the same time, the terrace offers the opportunity to be outdoors, well protected from wind, sun and rain. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors create a seamless connection between the outside and inside. The large windows shape the wooden facade and add a modern touch to the architecture. On the second floor the house is closed to the nearby building – the orientation protects the private area of ​​the residents, at the same time the building opens up to the nearby forest through generous glazing and offers a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings.

The wooden terrace with a swing provides the ideal holiday feeling

wooden terrace swing covered storage space firewood below

The small wooden terrace with a swing provides the residents with the ideal holiday feeling – so the whole family can sit down at the weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather. Since the house is on a slope, there is just enough storage space under the terrace for the firewood. The terrace was built from local woods, which were then made weatherproof with special oils.

Multifunctional living area redefines the open space concept

living area wooden floor sofa bed leather armchair

The living area was designed according to the minimalist trends – the rooms and levels merge seamlessly. Noble materials such as granite tiles at the entrance, wooden floors in the living area and metal on the walls determine the appearance of the interior design. The architects have deliberately dispensed with almost all of the furniture – instead, the floor and stairs fulfill several functions at the same time – for example, the stairs can be used as a reading corner by the window. In addition to the kitchen with an adjacent dining table, a comfortable seating area has been designed for the family – a sofa, small bookshelf and comfortable leather armchair invite you to relax after dinner. The Danish stove creates a cozy atmosphere and breaks up the minimalist look of the interior. The sleeping area with double bed, wardrobe and direct access to the bathroom is visually separated from the living area by a partition wall – the architects deliberately decided not to have an inner door. The absolute highlight in the interior is on the ground floor – a sauna offers the opportunity to relax the body after a long day at work.

space-saving room solutions living room kitchen wood dining table four levels

kitchen wood dining table white gas stove wood shelves

dining table glass fronts kitchen industrial living style

cottage forest bedroom wooden beams wardrobe partition

holiday home forest sauna ground floor view wooden terrace swing

attic gable roof storage space small window wood paneling

wooden terrace swing entrance firewood storage space

wooden terrace swing local wood species oiled

wooden terrace swing holiday home glass facade two floors gable roof

Project by: Sugawaradaisuke