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Wooden partition wall & sliding metal door transform an open study into a guest room

Wood partition, concrete and black metal are common elements in the decor

This modern single-family home, which was designed for a couple and their two dogs, combines neutral colors and natural materials. It is located in Spain, and more precisely in Madrid, and has a living space of 200 square meters, which has been optimally used to create perfect living comfort. The architects from Ventura Estudio created an open living concept with evenly overflowing areas and open spaces, without forgetting the necessary privacy. In our article you can find out how this is guaranteed and what materials were used for the furnishing. Take a look inside the house and find out for what purpose the practical wooden partition was used.

Wooden partition wall combined with resistant materials

Concrete brackets as a contrast to the wooden coffee table and white shelf in the background

As already mentioned, the young couple has two dogs. For this reason, emphasis was placed on materials that can withstand them. Nonetheless, a warm, modern and pleasant ambience was created through the use of cozy colors and contemporary materials. Concrete, concrete look and wood alternate regularly and make the partly monochrome furnishings varied. This also applies to the colors, where black is the accent and was chosen for different pieces of furniture and walls. Not to be overlooked is the original sliding metal door, which provides access to the guest room with its own terrace and which can be locked or left open at will without disturbing you.

Open kitchen-living room with a view of the modern living room with dining area

This creates seamless access to all rooms. This open room design is optically supported by the use of a single floor covering for the entire interior. Plus, the black metal sliding door in the kitchen isn’t the only option for open spaces in this home. In addition, there are also several pretty partition walls made of wood, which are simple, but radiate warmth and appear modern and stylish thanks to their simple look. There is a wooden partition inside the bedroom in the form of a long folding door, which takes on the role of a blind and separates the sleeping area from the window and at the same time from the hallway. A stationary wooden partition in the same room separates the sleeping area from the bathroom. Also worth mentioning is the second black metal door in the dining area that leads to the bedroom.

Open living spaces

Minimalist tall cabinets made of wood with a niche in black in the kitchen

Otherwise, it can be said that the house was divided in the form of two axes that run horizontally and vertically. Their intersection is in the dining area, which also functions as a work area. In principle, all living spaces can be used for different activities depending on the time of day. So the guest room serves as a home office when it is not occupied. The bed is built directly into the wooden wall cladding and can be folded down if necessary. All other living rooms and areas can be entered around the intersection of the axes mentioned.

Hidden storage space behind a wooden wall

The work area with a wooden partition, the kitchen and the dining area form an axis

The wooden partitions are not the only representatives of this material. It can also be found in large quantities in the kitchen. There the panels awaken as if it were a wooden partition wall or a wall cladding. In reality, however, these are built-in cupboards that are used to store cooking and eating utensils and other utensils. Black elements have been integrated so that all the wood does not become too much of a good thing. In addition to the kitchen island, these are also a niche in the built-in cupboard and the metal door already mentioned.

Neutral and pleasant main colors

The work area behind the kitchen has a wooden partition and a metal sliding door for privacy

All four main colors can be found in the house and decorate the interior in an incredibly harmonious way. First of all, there is the warm wood color that is used for various pieces of furniture, the wooden partition wall in the bedroom and other wooden partition walls. The second color is gray. The concrete beams in the living room are an eye-catcher in this color. The sofa and the floor covering, as well as the curtains in the bedroom and living room, are also gray. White is the third skin color, which gives the interior a light atmosphere and adapts perfectly to the other two colors. The walls are designed in white, but also some of the furniture such as the built-in shelves in the living room or the Eames chairs in the dining area, a cupboard and shelf in the kitchen and various decorative items.

Fold-out bed in the guest room and wooden partition between sleeping area and hall

The black color is more of an accent and a great contrast to the other colors and the wooden partition, but at the same time it is used so numerous that it can also be seen as the main color. In addition to the elements already mentioned in the kitchen and the metal sliding door systems, black also serves as the color for the washbasin in the bathroom. There are also many smaller decorative items and elements such as lamps, door frames, side tables, dining tables and chair frames, which also give the furnishings a little flair of the industrial style.

Wood partition. Concrete look and more

With the wooden partition and the metal doors, the study is transformed into a guest room

In the following, you can take a closer look at the inside of the house and get an overview not only of the furnishings and color design, but also of the room distribution in a bird’s eye view based on the floor plan. Let yourself be inspired by the furnishing idea with a wooden partition, concrete look and metal elements, as well as the open and at the same time multifunctional rooms and use your favorite ideas for your own house construction.

Attractive partition wall in black with integrated sliding door as a room divider

The dining area with large window and guest room with wooden folding door

A wooden partition with a built-in door separates the guest room from the guest toilet and bathroom

Washbasin in black concrete look with integrated wooden base unit in the guest bathroom

Wooden shelves in the bathroom and black column washbasin

Lock for the sliding wooden partition made of sturdy metal

White shelf with a modern look and a metal element in a wooden partition

House Floor Plan - A design by Ventura Estudio in Madrid

The built-in shelf for the living room with a compartment for a television

Plan for the kitchen made of wood and with a black concrete look

Design by Ventura Estudio.