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Wooden facade and open living concept in a modern single-family house in Ptuji

wooden facade green area light gable roof

In today’s post we would like to present you the modern and cozy single-family house, “hiša Slavik”, in Ptuji, Slovenia, which was renovated in 2016. The architects Boštjan Matul and Dominik Sagadin from the architecture office AB Objekt have received the order to transform a warehouse into a modern one-story house with a wooden facade. The warehouse at that time was built in the 1980s. The typical Slovenian house with wooden cladding made of black wood and insufficient daylight was provided by architects with a new roof, panoramic windows and light wood paneling and thus enriched.

facade made of wood peaked roof single-family house

The changes made have turned the building into a charming low-rise house with a wooden facade. The former wooden roof of the warehouse, painted in white, was seen from the start as a potential and the architects made it a central element of the spacious and open living area. The total living space is 229.5 square meters, while the property is 594 square meters. The typical gable roof has been extended by adding a canopy made of white concrete on the western and southern sides. In this way, the terrace was made to extend the house with a wooden facade and the interior was practically extended to the garden. The living area practically merges with the garden, creating a harmonious overall picture.

planting garden concrete wood stones

When you pass the garage, you enter the entrance hall. From there the large open living area opens up, offering a view of the garden. On the west side of the house there are large bedrooms and study rooms. The open living room houses the kitchen, the dining area, a small cooking island and the living area. Otherwise, the architects from AB Objekt tried to make the eastern side of the house as open as possible. An interesting but successful mix is ​​striking in the interior design. Elegant and stylish pieces of designer furniture were combined with antique furniture, which creates a special atmosphere in the Slovenian “hiša Slavik”. The newly built house with a wooden facade now offers a modern living environment with a touch of Zen and in no way reveals anything about the past of the matter.

canopy concrete facade made of wood

entrance area wood cladding light concrete floor

entrance door concrete ceiling veranda covered wood paneling

wooden beams white ceiling dining table chairs open living concept

wooden beams white single-family house panorama window

dining area kitchen island ceiling white

house facade wooden porch living room

planted covered porch rocking chairs

veranda seating furniture modern window front

kitchen island bar stool Hisa Slavik glass front

garage house wooden facade garden planting

Hisa slavik garage wood paneling gable roof

* a project by AB object