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Wooden cladding for the wall and ceiling in a cozy hut in Poland

Wooden cladding for wall ceiling-living room-sliding window-terrace

The Polish design and architecture studio Hola Design designed a cozy cabin on the Czorsztyn reservoir in Poland. Located on a slope in a green area, the small house is completely surrounded by nature and offers a beautiful view of two medieval castles. The hut is more elegant with Wood cladding for wall and ceiling designed, which creates a cozy atmosphere in the interior and invites you to linger.

Wood cladding for walls and ceilings for a cozy atmosphere

Wood paneling for wall ceiling-living room-coffee table-wood

The cozy atmosphere in the hut is created by beautiful wood paneling for the walls and ceilings in every room. Even in the bathroom and toilet, the outdated wooden boards adorn the walls. Furniture made from natural materials also ensures more warmth and a natural feeling in the interior. The hut is designed with an open living room, which includes a cozy living area with sofa and fireplace, a dining area and a small kitchen. The bedroom and children’s room are in the attic and the basement is designed with a guest room with toilet.

Cozy hut in nature with wooden paneling for walls and ceilings

Wood cladding for wall furnishing-cottage-dining room-living room

Tradition meets modernity when building this hut in nature. The architecture of the house, the dark colors for the facade and the materials used refer to the ancestral rectories that are typical for this region. Even so, the cabin is built using contemporary technology and furnished in a modern style.

Kitchen and dining room with wooden furniture

Wood paneling for wall ceiling-kitchen-dining room-wall decoration pattern

Wall decoration made of steel with a flower as a sign of life

Wood paneling for wall kitchen fronts-wood-wall decoration-pattern

Stairwell with wooden cladding for wall

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-staircase-black-steppe

Cozy bedroom in the attic with a beautiful view

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-pitched roof-hut-view

Wooden cladding for walls and ceilings in the children’s room

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-wooden stairs-pendulum lights-children's room

Cozy children’s room with play facilities

wood paneling-wall-ceiling-wooden beams-children's room-cozy

Guest rooms with simple furnishings

Wood paneling-wall-ceiling-mountain hut-interior-design-bedroom

Bathroom with concrete wall and wood paneling

wood paneling-wall-ceiling-bathroom-concrete wall

Modern bathroom with large windows

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-bathroom-hut-design

Gray bathroom with shower

wood paneling-wall-bathroom-gray-floor-level shower

Small hut on the reservoir with traditional architecture for the region


Entrance area with entrance door made of wood and wood paneling

wood cladding-entrance-wood-door-motif

Hut with panoramic window and terrace


Terrace with wooden floor offers a view of the mountains


Hut in nature with sliding windows

wood cladding-wall-window-mirroring-facade-black

Gable roof and black facade with large windows


Hut on the lake – a dream home for nature lovers


* Architecture and design by Hola Design