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Wood-paneled house inspired by New Zealand shelters

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In today’s article we introduce you to David Maurice’s “Back Country House”, which reinterprets the refuges in New Zealand. David Maurice of LTD architectural designed the New Zealand two-story residence. “Back Country House” is closely related to its rural surroundings. The idyllic wood-paneled house is located in Puhoi, a 40-minute drive north of Auckland. The nature of the residence suggests a reinterpretation of the hinterland huts in New Zealand. These are simple shelters in the wilderness that can be inhabited by the population. The wood-paneled house was designed by David Maurice for his own family.


The ground floor offers space for cooking, eating and lounging. This living space merges seamlessly into a terrace, which serves as an extension of the living area. An outdoor fireplace means that the spacious veranda can be used by residents all year round. The veranda offers another highlight for the young family. Two bathtubs built into the deck give residents the opportunity to bathe in the open air and enjoy the surrounding nature. If the tubs are not in use, they can be covered with a simple wooden table. The veranda turns into a place where you can eat, enjoy your drink and chat with the kids. From the outside, the house is completely clad with wood. The weathered wood look allows the residence to merge with its surroundings, but at the same time gives it a modern touch. The interior is also characterized by the natural material wood, which gives the entire facility warmth and cosiness.

firewood-veranda-wood cladding-weathered-3

The living area is bright and inviting. The room is furnished with some comfortable pieces of furniture without overcrowding the space. Two armchairs and a modern hanging chair made of rattan ensure comfort and offer a breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape. Musical instruments and a fireplace create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. The flooring and the ceiling cladding made of wood create a harmonious overall picture and bring a piece of nature into the rooms. The choice of colors for the furnishings fell on natural, beige and brown nuances, which provide an additional touch of homeliness and make the room appear bright and inviting. Firewood is stored for both fireplaces on the narrow veranda at the side.


The master bedroom is located under the sloping roof on the upper floor. A long work table by the window can also simulate the sleeping area as a home office. The large window front gives you the feeling of having your office right in nature. The hanging bed under the skylights promises a good night’s sleep and relaxation under the starry sky. Pendant lights from the ceiling provide light in the bedroom and living area and are also great decorative elements. The rooms are flooded with plenty of daylight during the day thanks to the large window fronts and the folding glass doors along the ground floor. In the master bedroom, two guitars hang on the wall and make for a charming and interesting decoration. The decor generally impresses with its simplicity and allows the attention to remain outside with the beautiful view.


The system is now getting additional bedrooms and service areas on the ground floor. The house with wood paneling “Back Country House” was recently recognized at the “architectural designers new zealand (ADNZ) awards” for its intelligent floor plan and the refined use of materials.

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