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White, gray and beige for a modern ambience to feel good

white gray beige living room sofa room divider plants

Neutral colors such as white, gray and beige convey relaxation, wellbeing, calm, cosiness and at the same time being down-to-earth. They are available in both light and dark shades. However, they always create a feeling of security, security and stability. They warm and soothe the senses, which is why they are a good choice as basic colors in the private sector. Similar to the Scandinavian living style, the Einrichtig in neutral colors works more as a background for family life. In the foreground come beautiful home accessories, personal items, plants and the residents themselves.

White, gray and beige: the perfect colors for a modern and cozy ambience

white gray beige dining table living room open living concept

White, gray and beige are natural, restrained and inconspicuous colors. Therefore they are called neutral. Their light shades can be used indefinitely. The dark nuances are more dominant and should be used sparingly or only as accents. Light and dark are a strong combination that always catches the eye. Neutral tones can be easily combined stylishly with all other colors. If no additional, “active” colors are desired, you can create a nice change by using different structures and materials. The architects and designers of “Buro 108” designed a modern apartment in Moscow according to these principles.

White, gray and beige

white gray beige living room tv wall dining table

The apartment is a typical big city apartment with 60 square meters of living space. The simple interior, the open living concept and last but not least the neutral colors make the rooms appear larger and more open. The facility is simple, but designed to be very functional. In this way, the residents have everything they need without having to compromise on the free space.

white gray beige living room kitchen dining area partition wall

Where there used to be two separate rooms – living room and kitchen, there is now a common room, which is very discreetly divided by a partition. This functional solution creates more space for living and at the same time optimally organizes the available space. A dining area has been created between the living room and the kitchen. However, the kitchen is open and separated at the same time.

white gray beige kitchen modern simple kitchen forten handleless

The kitchen is not large, but it is very functional. The simple, matt-white kitchen fronts without handles make the kitchen furnishings appear whole and complete. The living area differs in the choice of colors. Beige and gray predominate, especially in slightly darker shades. Green indoor plants hanging on the walls provide a fresh touch.

white gray beige living room room divider hanging plants

The remaining rooms – a bedroom and bathroom – are characterized by light nuances and just as minimalist. Fresh shades of white, gray and beige convey peace, serenity and a harmonious atmosphere, which is always appreciated, especially in these private areas. Pleasant accents are set by details such as structures, wallpaper and elements made of wood.

white gray beige living room kitchen neutral modern

white gray beige hallway round mirror indirect lighting

white gray beige bedroom accent wall structure bed built-in wardrobe

white gray beige bedroom bed indirect lighting modern

white gray beige bedroom wood built-in wardrobe bed

white gray beige bedroom tv bed

white gray beige bathroom shower small functional

white gray beige bathroom shower glass wall

white gray beige bathroom small built-in cupboard simply elegant

white gray beige bathroom simple light small

* a project by Office 108