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Weekend house with pool in the middle of the mountains of California

weekend house with pool infinity view santa barbara chaise longue

Everyday life in the big cities is becoming more and more hectic – more and more often it is not possible to relax even on the weekends. That is why many Germans choose their own refuge in the middle of nature – and build a holiday home. But not only the Europeans long for relaxation in the country – the Americans are also looking for oases close to the big city. The same thing happened to the builders from Los Angeles, who the architects of Bestor entrusted with the task Weekend house with pool in the middle of the mountains in Southern California.

Weekend house with pool – a refuge in the middle of nature

weekend house with pool patio pool house design garden

That Weekend house with pool is located on a hilly terrain in the middle of the mountains of Southern California. There is a national park nearby, where the family can go for a walk and enjoy being together. Inspired by the beautiful landscape, the architects decided to design the house in an open manner. The building opens up to the beautiful surroundings through sliding doors, while glass fronts keep the view clear. The villa consists of a compact one-story building volume and a separate small guest house. The two are built entirely from natural materials – the facade is clad in natural stone slabs and large beams on the ceiling create a visual connection to the nearby forest.

Weekend house with pool – furnishings in a modern country house style

weekend house with pool bedroom open terrace privacy

Also the interior, similar to the facade of the Weekend house with pool fascinates with clear lines and the use of natural materials. Wood and stone are loosened up by cotton carpets and rattan furniture. Decorating was sparing – especially small porcelain figurines, exotic kilims and small home accessories spice up the otherwise simple interior design.

Dining area of ​​the weekend house

weekend house with pool dining area dining table parquet terrace open living area

Weekend house with a modern bedroom 

weekend house with pool bedroom orient carpet bed ceiling wood

Small terrace

cozy sitting area free fireplace furniture metal concrete table

Cozy terrace with fireplace in the inner courtyard

Folding chairs bedroom glass sliding door ideas

The bedroom faces the garden

Interior rattan furniture laminate flooring shaggy carpet

The interior is in a modern country house style – comfortable and functional

Design a modern single-family home in the middle of the mountains of Southern California

Large glass fronts seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor areas

Country style metal furniture chandelier fireplace

Dining room with fireplace and stone wall

Dining table metal natural stone tiles wall wooden beams ceiling

It was set up sparingly and no decoration

Marble slab natural materials cozy cottage California

The kitchen is designed to be extremely functional

Bedroom set up yellow door Kilim original duvet strips

modern decor ideas rattan furniture wooden wall shaggy carpet

Bathroom ideas design outside openly comfortable

exotic plants beautiful landscape view dream home california

modern wooden facade pool garden concrete slabs modern

California wood natural stone facade hilltop location

Patio garden bench succulent plants beautiful landscape guest house

Garden furniture succulents low perennials ideas

Architecture weekend house single storey building

Cottage pool in the middle of mountains California

modern architecture in the middle of mountains vacation weekend house

Single-family house floor plan blueprint view above