Dream homes

Villa with white interior – dream home in warm Portugal

villa with white interior dining area dining table wood bench upholstery

This wonderful house is located in Portugal. It was built on a slope, creating a wide and high staircase in front of the entrance, with the design by de Blacam and Meagher Architects. the Villa with white interior is surrounded by pine trees, which gives it an extra charm. Particularly noticeable is the roofing of the terrace, which is formed by an extension of the roof of the house and is particularly high and elegant. This canopy is supported by square pillars. And even in the outside area of ​​the villa with its white interior, the white design that stretches from the facade to the furniture is immediately noticeable.

Villa with white interior – terrace with lounge area

villa with white interior lounge furniture modern minimalist pool

It doesn’t look any different inside. Only the living room is an exception. The living room of the villa with white interior consists of white walls, but is also characterized by gray furniture, curtains and carpets, as well as a black fireplace. Some throw pillows with purple accents provide the color and texture. The warm wooden ceiling, which is also slightly curved and is a special eye-catcher, is also striking with all the monochrome color choices.

Villa with white interior – living room with gray furniture

interior white villa living room gray furniture curtains fireplace couch

A particularly modern design can be found in the kitchen of the villa with its white interior. As is to be expected, this consists of a white color that extends over all the cabinets. A long wooden table and modern chairs in gray give this room the finishing touch and invite you to cozy dinners with family and friends.

White kitchen with gray and wood accents in the villa

interior white villa kitchen cupboards dining table wood chairs gray upholstery

There are also some gray accents in the mainly white bedroom. These are formed by the curtains and some throw pillows. Otherwise, the white color predominates in the form of walls, bed linen, as well as an armchair and sideboard. It reflects purity and guarantees particularly pleasant dreams. Take a look at our gallery and maybe let the villa with its white interior inspire you to furnish your own home.

White interior in the bedroom with gray details

interior white villa bedroom bed sideboard armchair bedside table throw pillows gray

Simple design in white in the hallway of the villa

interior white villa floor pictures wall design minimalist

Villa with white interior – terrace with sun loungers by the pool

interior white villa deck chairs outdoor terrace portugal

Lounge area made of elegant, white furniture

interior white villa furniture simple modern tiles lounge area

Terrace framed by white pillars with a square shape

interior white villa lounge furniture coffee table armchair tray

Villa with white interior surrounded by pine trees

villa with white interior garden design pine lawn buesche

villa with white interior pillars support roofing design idea pool

interior white villa pool design modern lounge terrace

villa with white interior pool lighting idea night canopy wood

villa with white interior lighting pool terrace roofing

Designed by de Blacam and Meagher Architects.