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Victorian style reinterpreted – an architect house in Australia

Victorian style -modern-architect-house-facade-clinker-bricks

Old Victorian house in Malvern, suburb of Melbourne, Australia was reconstructed in 2015 by Robson Rak Architects. The original house facade as well as fragments in the interior were preserved in order to create a harmonious transition between old and new. More elegant, victorian style can still be seen at the house entrance and the modern design remains a mystery to the outside viewer.

Victorian style on the outside, modern design on the inside


Viewed from the outside, the single-family house has nothing extraordinary, but what is hidden behind the facade is surprising. The back garden is really modern and functional, divided into different areas, has something to offer everyone. The pool with a wooden deck and lawn on the other side invites you to spend relaxing hours outside. Floor-to-ceiling patio doors can be moved and seamlessly connect the kitchen with the patio, where an outdoor dining area has been set up.

Victorian style interpreted in a modern way – garden with pool and patio cover


The main design elements can be seen high in the back garden – clinker brick and dark oak. The same will be pursued in the interior and implemented in the modern room design tastefully.

A harmonious combination of Victorian style and modern design


The common rooms are completely outward-facing. The floor-to-ceiling patio doors and windows enable a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas, as well as the free flow of daylight into the rooms.

Mixing modern and Victorian styles

victorian-style-modern-architect-house-clinker wall-fireplace-wall cladding-burning house

A fireplace is in the center of the living room and separates the kitchen from the living room. It is clad exclusively with clinker bricks, which on the other side, in the garden, describe the same shape.

Modern interior in black and white and accents made of smoked wood

victorian-style-modern-architect-house-open-kitchen-white-panorama window

The structure of the clinker brick wall is mirrored in the design of the opposite wall clad in smoked oak. The same wood is used on the floor of the remaining rooms. In the hallway, which stucco elements were retained from the original interior and combined with modern solutions with a minimalist character.

Wall cladding and furniture made of smoked wood

Victorian-style-modern-living-room-white-wood-couch-wall paneling

Modern, open kitchen with a minimalist character


Kitchen in white and wall design made of wood


Use of natural wood for a cozy atmosphere 

victorian-style-modern-architect-house-open-kitchen-white-wood-wall cladding

Fragments in the Victorian style give an unmistakable feeling of living


Victorian style and functional modern solutions


Bathroom in a minimalist style – blurred black and gray nuances


Real wellness oasis – panorama window to the back garden in the bathroom


* a project by Robson Park Architects