Dream homes

Unique house design inspired by the ocean – A house in Los Angeles

Unique house design wave-white-aluminum-cladding-cedar wood

This dream house in California was designed by the architect Mario Romano and impresses with a special facade design on the outside and modern furnishings on the inside. The wave pattern on the facade is inspired by the ocean itself and creates one unique house design, that is considered an architectural work of art.

Unique house design with aluminum cladding

Unique house design white aluminum cladding wave swimming pool

The Wave House in Los Angeles is reminiscent of the ocean and is designed as a giant wave. The facade of the dream house is clad with white aluminum and cedar wood, which create a harmonious and at the same time impressive exterior. On the ground floor of the house, sliding glass doors separate the living rooms from the swimming pool and offer a view of the surrounding natural landscape. The kitchen has a minimalist design and can be connected directly to the garden. A cozy outdoor living room is located between the pool area and the huge lawn behind the house and is perfect for relaxing with the family.

Unique house design with wave pattern

Unique house design cladding-aluminum-pool-kitchen

The elegant wave pattern is not only used in facade design, but can also be noticed in the interior in the form of unique works of art and wall coverings. The front door also has a special design in that it is built again in wave form from several different skateboards. The interior of the dream house is minimalist but cheeky. The large bedroom has a simple design with a few color accents and the children’s room is completely furnished in Scandinavian style.

Facade inspired by the ocean for a unique house design

Unique house design white aluminum facade cladding waves

Big front door made of skateboards


Unique house design – rear facade


Passage to the outdoor living room between the pool and the lawn

unique-house-design-waves-open-living-room-lawn area

Outdoor living room perfect for relaxation

unique-house-design-living room-zen-style-pool area

Kitchen with access to the pool


Sliding glass doors separate the living rooms from the pool area


Abstract artwork in the kitchen


Spacious kitchen with a minimalist design


Dining room with wooden furniture and wallcovering


Wall coverings with a wave pattern indoors


Minimalist bedroom with cheeky color accents

unique-house-design-minimalist-bedroom-color accents

Children’s room in the Scandinavian style

unique-house-design-children's room-scandinavian-style-black-white

White bathroom with wallcovering


* You can find more about the architect Mario Romano and his projects here.